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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a TIES account?
    TIES accounts are provided, on demand, to staff from ITU Members (Member States, Sector Members, Associates, and Academia).  A TIES account provides personalized access (through a username and a password) to a number of services. TIES services are provided to support the participation of Members in the activities of the Union and include email, online collaboration tools, access to ITU meeting documents, automatic email notifications, etc.

  • Am I eligible for a TIES account?
    TIES services are available without any charge to staff from ITU Members: Member States, Sector Members, Associates, and Academia
  • How can I get a TIES account?
    1. Submit your request through the online application form
    2. The Focal Point of your organization/company will receive an email for authorization
    3. Once the Focal Point has authorized the request, the new TIES account is created
    4. At any time you can check online the status of your account

  • How do I know if my TIES account is active?
    At any time you can check online the status of your account
  • I cannot login to my TIES account. Why?
    1. Check that you properly typed uppercase/lowercase letters for the username/password
    2. Check that the password is correct. If you are not sure, ask for a reminder of your username and password
    3. If it is a new TIES account, check online the status of your account to make sure that the account is already active
    4. Has your account been deactivated:  for all new accounts, for security reasons, you should change the initial password (ITUwelcome) as soon as possible
    5. If the problem persists, please contact your TIES Focal Point
  • I forgot my username and/or password. Where can I get them?
    At any time, you can request a reminder of your username and password
  • What is my initial password for TIES?
    The initial password is ITUwelcome. Once your account has been activated you should change this password as soon as possible.
  • How do I change my password?
    Login to your account and click on "edit my account"
  • How do I access my TIES email?
    Through the TIES email login page
  • How do I configure a POP email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Eudora to access my TIES email?
    Please, follow the instructions on how to configure email clients
  • Spam/Antispam. What is it?
    Visit our page with detailed information about the anti-spam service
  • What is the TIES Focal Point?
    In each organization/company there is a TIES Focal Point responsible for:
    a) Accepting/refusing requests to create TIES Accounts
    b) Maintaining the list of TIES Accounts
    c) Granting/limiting access rights to documents
  • Who is my TIES Focal Point?
    You can consult online the information about your TIES Focal Point
  • How can I delete/restore my account?
    You can delete/restore your account online


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