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Electronic meetings (E-meetings)

​​​​​​​Types of Remote Participations

  • Webcast: This service allows participants to observe remotely any physical meeting. Webcast participants cannot interact directly with the meeting. In ITU-T, webcast is provided mainly for decision-making meetings (i.e. statutory meetings), such as opening and closing plenaries of study groups.
  • Active Remote Participation: Active remote participation provides an opportunity for remote participants to present contributions and participate in discussions taking place among on-site attendees and other remote participants. This form of hybrid meeting allows delegates to take advantage of on-site interpretation while having access to the remote participation facilities, such as the chat service.
  • Fully Virtual Meetings: Fully virtual meetings help delegates meet virtually in real time, regardless of their geographic location, to discuss any activity and work in progress. As of 2020, both statutory and non-statutory meetings can take place in a fully virtual environment.

Services available

Please check the information about e-meetings facilities that TSB offers: