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TSB Electronic Working Methods (EWM) Services

WTSA-16 Resolution 32Strengthening Electronic Working Methods for the work of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector – mandates the development and support of electronic tools to help the development of standards in ITU-T.

IT applications and services

ITU-T members have access to a wide range of applications and services that facilitate their work and the exchange of information. These applications and services are accessible through several platforms:


In 2017, TSB introduced MyWorkspace, a platform that centralizes several IT applications for managing events, document access and sharing. Most of these applications are built using open-source solutions to provide tailored features and reduce software and hardware costs. List of services provided by MyWorkspace:
  • ITU Translate – Automatic Translation of ITU-T documents;
  • MyMeetings – ITU-T Remote Participation tool for meetings;
  • MyEvents – Managing events and networking;
  • Calendar of Events – Calendar of all ITU-T events;
  • ITU-T Cloud – Document storage system on the cloud;
  • MyDocuments – List of meeting and suggested documents based on user preferences.

Subscription service

The subscription service platform allows subscription to any of the following services: The following services have automatic subscription for all ITU accounts with TIES access:

Other services and databases