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EWM Announcements and Updates

​​​​​20​ September 2023 – Work programme update - New state: "Provisionally agreed" new work items

​Based on user feedback, a new status has been added to the work programme database to indicate work items added after initial agreement at RGM level, "Pending SG/WP confirmation". This option is now available at the top of the work programme query page, and is selected by default (together with "Under Study", "Consented/Determined", and "Deferred to WTSA", as before). Once a WI for a Question is confirmed by the parent working party or study group, the secretariat will update the flag to the appropriate new status (normally, "Under study").

For any queries, please address the study group secretariat for content issues, or the TSB Web Support team at for technical issues.​


10​ May 2023 – Translation of RG and FG webpages  

​For better inclusion and cost-effective access of webpages for all ITU-T focus group and regional group participants, an updated webpage machine translation feature is now available – look for the  pop-up on the upper right side of the browser window (snapshot below).

Feedback on this is welcome at

​​​27 March 2023 – New release - MyMeetings 5.0   

​We are pleased to announce the new release of MyMeetings 5.0

Main changes include:


  • ​Display of users photo from MyWorkspace profile
  • Possibility to add personal virtual background
  • Improved statistics and logs on user connection
  • Improved users affiliation
  • Possibility to customize the user-interface layout (position the camera(s) on any side of the screen share or under the chat)
  • Assistance request via a dedicated button directly from the session
  • Learning analytics Dashboard for Moderators


  • Update of some key components (Node 16.x, Meteor 2.10) resulting in overall performance increase and stability
  • Faster platform loading and audio connection
  • Faster and more stable screen sharing using MediaSoup instead of Kurento media server

​16 January 2023 – Security improvement for ITU User Accounts   

​To improve the security of ITU User Accounts, a new password policy has been defined. It is based on industry best practices and will help mitigate against security password type attacks. The following describes the new password policy:

  • At least eight characters in length
  • At least one-character lower case
  • At least one-character upper case
  • At least one number
  • At least one special character (!,@,#,$, …)

An official communication will be sent to all ITU Account users, requiring you to change your password.

Additionally, as part of best practices, reminders will be sent on regular basis to change your password.

12 December 2022 – New ICT Standards Landscape

We are deploying today the new release of the ICT Standards Landscape online management and search tool. It improves user experience and maintenance, integrates better with ITU-T Recommendations and ITU-T Work Programme resources. It covers various high-level topics such as:

​9 December 2022 – Microsoft Authenticator Now Prompts to Type In Number

The Microsoft Authenticator is the mobile application that occasionally requests our confirmation when logging into ITU resources. It now additionally prompts us to enter the number that appears on the screen after typing our credentials. The IS department announced this change on 9 December.​

​21 October 2022 – Relocation of Service Desk to M03A

​As part of the decluttering and relocation processes, Service Desk's door will be closed on Friday, 4th of November 2022, and reopened at its new location in Montbrillant -1 in M03A (M-1.03) on Monday, 7th of November 2022.​

There will be no interruption in business continuity, Service Desk will continue to provide support remotely on Friday and resume its normal usual walk-in support on Monday from M03A (M-1.03).

​5 October 2022 – New self-subscription mailing list for TSB Circulars

A new mailing list has been set up in order for ITU-T experts to receive alerts each time a TSB Circular is posted. To subscribe, sign in to the MyWorkspace Mailing app, and search for​ “tsbcirculars”. Users with TIES access can self-subscribe; users without TIES access can request subscription. Users can unsubscribe at any time.

5 October 2022 – Improved meeting documents application

The MyWorkspace Documents App provides an alternative way to access DMS documents (i.e., study group and working party meetings only at present), and includes three help​ful features that are not available via the usual access mechanism:

  1. Sorting and filtering according to any column, including date, source, Question, etc.
  2. Real-time full-content search of all documents for the selected meeting.
  3. Machine translation of documents into the six official languages. This is automatically done when the original document is in English; note that official translations replace the automatic translations whenever available.​

The first time you use the tool, you need to manually select the study period, group and meeting. You can then add the meeting to your list of favourites for quick access lat​er – see the image below.


​4 August 2022 – Please Check You Use the Correct Print Servers

ISD announced that they will decommission the canoe and ski print servers on 23 August 2022. Please ensure that you only print through the proton and neutron print servers. Contact the Service Desk for help via https://intranet.itu.intMy PersonalSD Support Tickets (bottom-right of the page).

30 May 2022 – ​New release – MyMeetings 4.0

We are pleased to announce the new release of MyMeetings 4.0.

Main changes include:


  • Order users by Country or Last Name
  • Camera virtual background
  • Machine captioning (beta version)
  • View users' connection status
  • Breakout rooms
  • Reduced mirror effect when sharing screen​


  • Update of some key components (Node 14.x, Meteor 2.5) resulting in overall performance increase and stability
  • Faster platform loading and audio connection
  • Faster and more stable screen sharing

11 May 202​2 – Updated ITU-T Sync application (v7.1)

​The ITU-T Sync application has been updated to v7.1:

The main changes are an updated logo and title (now “2022"), there are no changes to functionality. Note that users ​will not be prompted to update the tool. Installation of the new version is quick and easy, and the previously downloaded documents are not lost.

9 May 202​2 – Shared Mailbox Authorizations

Please note that IS Department is proceeding with the clean-up of the authorizations of Shared Mailboxes.
This should not have an impact on your current accesses, but if you notice that you can no longer access a shared mailbox, please contact Service Desk.

9 November 202​1 – New AAP Interface 

TSB is pleased to inform you that, following testing and feedback by ITU-T experts, the enhanced AAP interface has now been deployed. No action is needed by users, all of the previous URLs have been redirected to the new interface: 

Among the improvements are:

  1. More intuitive and responsive user interface.
  2. Advanced filtering/searching of current and previous AAP work items.
  3. High visibility of AAP work items that are available for comment (LC or AR).
  4. Improved visualization of AAP work item history.
  5. Integration with the Work Programme database.

We hope that the new interface assists you in your work. Please share your comments and suggestions about the new system with the development team using the feedback form, or by email (


15 July 202​1 – Disabling of O365 legacy authentication 

Since 15 July 2021, the IS Department enforces multi-factor authentication. 
Please review the original announcement if you can no longer access ITU mailboxes on your
mobile device as a result of this change or contact the Service Desk to receive more help.

5 July 202​1 – Updated version of MyMeetings (version 3.0).

The enhancements include: ​
  • A new “Audio/Video Settings” button added to quickly manage audio and video options without leaving the session (this replaces the old “Join/Leave Audio” button).
    This includes a “Switch audio” option to quickly change to and from “listen only” mode.
  • One-click webcam enabling/disabling, based on your preferred video settings.​​
  • Audio reminder to remind you that you are muted when you are speaking.
  • Share audio” option for use with screen sharing, this lets participant hear the sound when playing back a video on your computer.
  • Technical Chatbot to respond instantly to your support questions.​
  • Notification pop-up for new chat messages, and easy switching between public and private chat.

1 July 202​1 – Antimalware migration on Windows clients and servers

Over the coming month, IS will deploy the CrowdStrike anti-malware to replace McAfee. 
During this transition, Windows Security Center may show warnings about the antivirus being disabled. 

13-14 April 2021 – Incorrect Links to Rapporteur Meeting Documents

A problem surfaced during the migration of SharePoint servers to a cloud service provider. As a result, you may come across document links which begin with:

instead of:

Following the incorrect links would cause the documents you download to be corrupted. The ITU IS Department is still working on a solution to address the underlying problem. Meanwhile, you can use one of the following workarounds:
  • Check the links before using them and correct them if necessary by replacing extranet-old with extranet.
  • Select specific or all documents, then click Download as ZIP in the (1) Files tab, (2) Zip & Unzip block. This works with Chrome, Firefox, […] but not Edge.

2 November 2020 – MyWorkspace new release

MyWorkspace is now available with a complete new design and a new application to access Study Group meeting documents: MyDocuments. This new version aims at improving user experience, and fixing reporting issues:
  • New look and feel
  • Easier authentication with removal of pop-up
  • Improved response time during navigation
  • New Application MyDocuments, to facilitate access to meeting documents with enhanced filtering and bespoke automatic translation
We hope you will enjoy the experience of the this new version of MyWorkspace. Do not hesitate to contact us ( directly for more information, or provide your feedback from MyWorkspace directly.

4 May 2020 – MyMeetings: The MyWorkspace Remote Participation tool

Over the past few months, the ITU-T’s standardization efforts have relied increasingly on remote participation. The MyMeetings remote participation tool has been used for all study group meetings since January and is now the preferred platform for hosting study group and Rapporteur group meetings and other ad-hoc sessions. A user guide for delegates can be found here, which explains how to connect to a session, configure audio equipment, and make the most of the tool.

A guide for session chairs/moderators is here , which explains best practice on how to use the tool to support effective, transparent communication and decision-making. The TSB E-meetings team are available to provide assistance:

16 September 2019 – ITU Search update

A new space has recently been added to allow in-depth research into the collection of ITU core texts, such as resolutions and decisions of ITU assemblies. As of today, the following core texts are covered by this enhanced search in 6 languages, in chronological order of their publication dates:
  • International Telecommunication Regulations – Final acts of the World Administrative Telegraph and Telephone Conference (WATTC-88) – Melbourne, 1988
  • Final Acts of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) – Dubai, 2012
  • ITU-R Resolutions – Radiocommunication Assembly (RA-15) – Geneva, 26-30 October 2015
  • Final Acts of the World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15) – Geneva, 2015
  • ITU-T Resolutions – World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-16) – Hammamet, Tunisia – 25 October – 3 November 2016
  • Final report of the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-17) – Buenos Aires, Argentina, 9-20 October 2017
  • Resolutions and Decisions of the Council of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU Council) – 2018
  • Final Acts of The Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-18) – Dubai, 2018
  • Collection of the basic texts adopted by the Plenipotentiary Conference – Edition 2019

12 September 2019 – Improved Liaison Statement search page

A more modern interface has been developed to search Liaison Statements sent and received by ITU-T groups – While the classic incoming and outgoing interfaces remain available, delegates are invited to use the improved interface and provide feedback to the TSB IT Development team at

19 August 2019 – Change of Security configuration for FTP access to ITU servers

After changes introduced by the ITU IT department, the security settings of FTP clients may need to be updated for accessing ITU servers such as and The plain text (insecure) configuration for FTP.

The plain text (insecure) configuration for FTP access has been disabled, and FTP clients need to be set to “Require implicit FTP over TLS” or an equivalent setting. The exact naming of this option will change slightly from client to client, but if the correct option is chosen if the default port is reported as 990. Examples below given for Filezilla (Win10) and AndFTP (Android) on the left and right, respectively.


Please note that this change does not affect the FTP access via the web browser (read-only using HTTPS). Do not hesitate to contact us or Service Desk ( directly for more information.

24 January 2019 – New feature in MyWorkspace: Automatic translation

A new translation application has been added to MyWorkspace , which supports translation from English into the other official languages of the Union (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish). Two translation options are available:
  • Text fragments, e.g., copy-paste from a document or website.
  • Entire Word documents, retaining the formatting of the original document such as lists and tables.

This is the first service offered by ITU to make use of real-time artificial intelligence. Specifically, the Neural Machine Translation algorithm has been trained on a large body of ITU texts to significantly improve accuracy compared to free, publicly available tools.

MyWorkspace is a mobile-friendly platform that provides members with a personalized view of ITU tools, services and resources, including: Meeting documents, Events calendar, Mailing list management, My Documents and ITU-T community/chat, with additional services coming soon by popular demand.

18 April 2018 – Changes in ITU HQs WiFi access points

Starting tonight 18 April 2018, the wireless ID “ITUwifi” will only be available to devices that support the 5 GHz frequency band. This helps to ensure better performance for newer devices that supports the 5 GHz band by selecting explicitly “ITUwifi”. 5 GHz devices that have already connected to “ITUwifi” before will not require any change. Older devices that support only the 2.4 GHz band will not see “ITUwifi” anymore. They may connect to “ITUwifi-legacy”, which has the same connection key as “ITUwifi”.

15 March 2018 – MyWorkspace enhancement: Version 2.0

An enhanced version of MyWorkspace is now available for TIES users, providing a simpler interface and a wider range of personalized services, which now includes:
  • Meeting documents;
  • Mailing list subscriptions;
  • Calendar view of current and future events;
  • Advanced search features;
  • Personalized profile, links and preferences;
  • And more to come in future releases.
Our aim is to continue improving the user experience on both desktop and mobile devices, and to ensure that MyWorkspace provides great service to delegates now and in the future.

15 March 2018 – New registration system for ITU-T meetings

As announced in TSB Circular 68 , a new registration system for ITU-T events is being introduced. The new system will use Focal Point validation for registration requests, this means that:
  • Meeting participants will need to log in with their TIES or Guest user account before submitting a registration request. Participants will receive a confirmation e-mail once the request has been either approved or rejected by the Registration Focal Point for the participant’s organization.
  • Registration Focal Points for each organization will need to approve/reject registration requests by participants from their organization.
Events announced before February 2018 will continue to use the previous system.

23 January 2018 – New ITU-T Workspace

TSB is pleased to announce MyWorkspace, a personalized webpage for TIES users that provides easy access to the information and services most valued by ITU-T delegates, including:
  • Meeting documents;
  • Mailing list subscriptions;
  • Calendar view current and future events;
  • Advanced search features (including TIES-protected content, and keyword-based resources);
  • Personalized profile and links; and more.
A trial version of these features has been under review for some months, and the platform remains under continuous development. Further enhancements will be released in the coming months based on your feedback ( TSB presented these tools to ITU-T SG11 and SG13 delegates in November 2017. Respective slides are available here.

9 May 2017 – Updates to the ITU-T Document Sync Application

A new version of the ITU-T Document Sync Application for all study groups is now available at: With effect from today, earlier versions of the Document Sync Application will no longer work. Please make sure to download the new version at your convenience. About the ITU-T Sync Application: This system allows you to synchronize documents of current ITU-T SG meetings, on demand, from the ITU server to your local drive. It is available for Windows and Mac OS.

14 February 2017 – New ITU-T Search Engine

A new search engine developed by the ITU Standardization Bureau is now available from the ITU-T homepage. This search engine will allow you to easily find your relevant ITU-T documents, publications and other resources, in 6 languages. The search engine allows you to drill down using specific filters or to browse for interesting content using the thematic search. The thematic search is organized around key ITU standardization prioritize such as cybersecurity, big data, cloud, Iot and more. We would like to encourage you to give the new search engine a try and find the standards information you are looking for.

23 September 2016 – New feature in Geneva daily events schedule page

Dear TSB Members/Users,

In order to find on a daily basis all TSB events a new feature has been created on the page: You can now not only specify the sector but also select the exact day using the “date field” or point out the specific day in the URL. For example: 

17 March 2015 – New feature in Geneva daily events schedule page

Lists of participants requesting attendance at rapporteur group meetings held outside Geneva have till now been made on the basis of web forms outside the ITU servers, or via e-mails sent to the rapporteur or the delegate volunteering as meeting organizer.

Now, a new service enables web forms for collecting name and affiliation of experts requesting participation at Rapporteur group meetings to be held outside Geneva. Use of the new service is optional: upon request by the Rapporteur, a web form is associated to the rapporteur group meeting webpages. TSB can export the list on request from the Rapporteur, who can then conveniently check the attendance eligibility of the experts requesting participation. The Rapporteur can then pass on the list to the meeting host, for the necessary administrative follow-up (printing badges, visa support letters, etc.).

This form is only available for rapporteur group meetings outside Geneva because for official SG and WP meetings, and Rapporteur Group meetings in Geneva, registration continues to be done using ITU’s official meeting registration tool.

17 November 2014 – View ITU-T meetings documents in directory tree mode

A new version of the tool for browsing through ITU-T meetings documents is available. This redesigned tree-based navigation can be found on the study group main web page, on the right side tab “Documentation”, item “View documents in Directory Tree Mode”. It can also be accessed through the following direct link:

You can expand the tree view to explore the meeting documents per study group, meeting and document type. Please note that due to the large number of past events, the tree view is restricted to only show the current study period. The traditional document information web pages continue to be available for consultation of the complete collection of official ITU-T meetings documents.

17 October 2014 – Rapporteur group meeting page update

The rapporteur group meetings pages available from the Study Groups websites have been recently upgraded to allow search on SGs, Questions and dates. From that page, by default only the current interim meetings are listed, with a color code for the status to facilitate its reading;

15 September 2014 – Update of ITU-T work programme reports

A number of enhancements have been made to the information provided in the ITU-T work programme:

24 August 2014 – New online form for supporting justification of new Recommendation proposals

An online version of the ITU-T A.1 (11/2012) Annex A justification form for proposal of new work items aiming at becoming Recommendations is now available for testing from the ITU-T Study Groups web pages. Once the proposal of a new work item is discussed and favorably reviewed at a meeting of the relevant Question, the Rapporteur or proposed editor can use the new online form to facilitate future entry of the new data into the work programme, and to allow easy extraction and formatting of the information (as a WinWord file) for inclusion in the respective meeting report.

The information will be displayed on the public ITU-T work programme webpages once there is agreement at the respective parent group to start development of the new work item, and data consistency check by TSB.

30 July 2014 – ITU-T patent declaration statements available online

The patent declaration statements for ITU-T Recommendations are now freely available online in PDF format from ITU-T patent database: Additionally, patent numbers are associated to the European Patent Office (EPO) database (if any), for further details. ​​