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Internet and Printer Services

​1. How do I connect to the ITU LAN?

The IS Department and Common Services are able to provide LAN access in the ITU Montbrillant meeting rooms. This service allows delegates to plug their laptops to the ITU delegate LAN, giving them access to TIES services and to the Internet. 2. How do I connect to the ITU Wireless LAN?

An Information Note from the ITU IS Department is available to help you configure your laptop for the ITU's Wireless LAN.

3. How do I connect to the ITU Delegate printers?

ITU Information Services (IS) department has made available various high-volume printers in the delegate network and located near the various meeting rooms and delegate spaces. One can find the name of the available printers queues in the \\ server (accessible only within the ITU network).

In addition to the "traditional" print method using printer queues that need to be installed on the user's computer or device, printing documents via e-mail ("e-print") is now possible in selected printers. The procedure is simply to attach the documents to be printed to an email, that is sent to the desired printer email address (in the form No driver installation is required. The list of printers can be found at \\ (only accessible within the ITU facilities).

More information and details can be found here: ITU Printers

4. Who do we call for support on these electronic services?

Please report all problems and issues (e.g. printer not responding, paper jam, no paper, lack of toner, etc.) to Service Desk, Room V29, Email:, Phone 6666

Hours: 09:00-12:30, 13:30-17:00 Monday-Friday