Participant printers are labeled with print queue name, server name and IP address:

 \\delprint.itu.int\hpdelg1 - Varambé building, rooms G1/G2, 3rd floor

\\delprint.itu.int\hpdelg3 - Varambé building, room G3, 3rd floor

\\delprint.itu.int\hpv450 - Varembé building, RRB meeting room, 4th floor

\\delprint.itu.int\hpdelt01 - Tower building, rooms T101/T103, 1st floor

\\delprint.itu.int\hpdel2ss - Tower building, Cybercafé, 2nd basement (2 printers on the same queue)

\\delprint.itu.int\​​knm1 - Montbrillant building, near meeting rooms, 1st floor

\\delprint.itu.int\knmrdc​ - Montbrilliant Ground Floor Delegate Lounge

\\delprint.itu.int\hpt072 - Tower building, Bureaux des Presidents 

 The following options can be used to connect to participant printers:

  • Go to Start > Run and enter \\delprint.itu.int\ . A list of available printers will be displayed and, if you are prompted for authentication:

                                               USERNAME: delegate

                                               PASSWORD: delegate

  • Participants can also print without installing a printer by including the document in an email and sending to the e-print address on the printer's label.
  • Or install a local printer using the IP address.

ITU E-printing Service


E-printing is a driver-less print service designed for mobile phones, tablets and non-windows OS machines. Printing is as simple as emailing documents to the unique email address assigned to each printer. 

  • Supported document types:
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Image files (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF)
  • Adobe Acrobat files (PDFs)
  • Text files and Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • HTML files


  • Compose a new email message
  • Add the email address associated to the printer you wish to use
  • Attach to your message the files that need to be printed
  • Send your message

Sending a query to the printer will trigger reception of 2 emails indicating the status of your request.  The first email will indicate that your request is being processed and the second email will confirm that all supported attachments to your message were successfully printed.  Your print out should then be ready to be collected from the chosen printer.

Printer name Email address IP Address Location
\\delprint.itu.int\hpdel2ss hpdel2ss@eprint.itu.int156.106.208.48Tower 2nd Basement Cybercafe
\\delprint.itu.int\hpdelg1 hpdelg1@eprint.itu.int156.106.207.37Varembe 3rd floor outside room G1
\\delprint.itu.int\hpdelg3 hpdelg3@eprint.itu.int156.106.206.33Varembe 3rd floor inside room G3
\\delprint.itu.int\hpdelm01 hpdelm01@eprint.itu.int156.106.242.52Montbrilliant Ground Floor Delegate Lounge
\\delprint.itu.int\hpdelm1 hpdelm1@eprint.itu.int156.106.242.37Montbrilliant 1st floor outside meeting rooms
\\delprint.itu.int\hpdelt01 hpdelt01@eprint.itu.int156.106.208.37Tower 1st floor outside room T101
\\delprint.itu.int\hpdelt072 hpdelt072@eprint.itu.int156.106.205.33Tower Salle D outside office T072
\\delprint.itu.int\hpdelroome hpdelroome@eprint.itu.int156.106.207.153Varembe 1st floor inside Room E