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Measuring the WSIS targets

Measuring the WSIS Targets
A statistical framework, 2011

Background: The report was prepared by the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development's Task Group on Measuring the WSIS Targets, which was launched in May 2011, during the WSIS Forum 2011. The Task Group, which is lead by ITU, worked in close cooperation and consultation with many experts in the field of ICT measurement. The list of indicators suggested to measure the WSIS targets were first proposed in the World Telecommunication/ICT Development Report 2010. They were also discussed on the TG WSIS discussion forum and presented in a dedicated session (7) at the 2010 World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators meeting (WTIM).
The report is expected to become the main reference document for the final review of the achievements made towards meeting the WSIS targets in 2015. 
Download the flyer of the publication (PDF format).
The report was launched at the WSIS Forum 2011 and can be downloaded for free (pdf format).