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Measuring digital development: Facts and Figures 2023

ITU’s Measuring digital development: Facts and Figures 2023 offers a snapshot of the most important ICT indicators, including estimates for the current year.

Steady but uneven progre​ss in global Internet connectivity highlights the disparities of the digital divide and is leaving people in low-income countries behind, according to the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) Facts and Figures 2023.

ITU's flagship Facts and Figures tracks global connectivity with estimates on key indicators, including those related to infrastructure, affordability, gender, and location. It now includes new indicators on global 5G network coverage and Internet traffic data.

Measuring digital development - Facts and Figures: Focus on Small Island Developing States

ITU’s Measuring Digital Development – Facts and Figures: Focus on Small Island Developing States examines the current state of digital connectivity in SIDS, highlighting the latest trends through a set of key indicators.

Connectivity plays a crucial role in addressing the unique challenges and vulnerabilities faced by these countries. Over the past decade, the share of people using the Internet in SIDS has surged from one-third to two-thirds of the population, and the digital gender gap has nearly closed. However, significant supply-side constraints persist in terms of access, affordability, and capacity, attributable to the unique structural features of SIDS - remoteness, size, and geography - and the need for enhanced ICT regulation. As a result, the digital economy in SIDS is in an early stage of development, presenting significant growth potential, as detailed in a section prepared by UNCTAD.

Released to coincide with the Fourth United Nations Conference on Small Island Developing States​, the report equips stakeholders with accurate data to inform their discussions and guide their decisions toward universal and meaningful connectivity.

Measuring digital development - Facts and Figures: Focus on Landlocked Developing Countries

This special edition of ITU’s flagship Facts and Figures series coincides with the third United Nations Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries​. This landmark event presents a once-in-a-decade opportunity to craft innovative solutions that can unlock the full potential of these nations.

Digital technology provides LLDCs with pathways to overcome physical barriers, facilitating access to education, healthcare, and trade. It serves as a catalyst for resilience, empowering these countries to effectively respond to crises and to engage more fully in the global economy. Therefore, it must be a priority on the development agenda for any nation. In this context, Facts and Figures delivers a comprehensive analysis of digital progress in LLDCs, presenting crucial ICT statistics to guide stakeholders toward achieving universal and meaningful connectivity.