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Green Digital Action

Digital technologies can help solve the climate crisis. Will you?

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), together with over 40 entities spanning governments, businesses, civil society and fellow UN agencies, launched Green Digital Action at COP28 to step up digital climate action.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) play a crucial role in climate monitoring, climate change adaptation and early warning systems; as well as in mitigation measures like boosting energy efficiency, building green networks and developing circular economies. At the same time, the rapid uptake of data and devices increases the sector’s own energy consumption, emissions, material use and e-waste worldwide.

ITU-convened and partner-led, Green Digital Action aims to enhance collaboration, fast-track industry-wide commitments to addressing climate challenges, and put digital solutions at the forefront of climate action.

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Green Digital Action @ COP29

Green Digital Action will actively participate in COP29 in Azerbaijan, showcasing our latest initiatives and partnerships, securing new commitments across our areas of action and collaborating with global leaders to further advance sustainable digital technologies and climate resilience. Explore events

Our approach

The Green Digital Action initiative brings together stakeholders from across the ICT sector to collaboratively reduce its environmental impact and leverage its benefits. Our approach is focused on driving progress through collaboration such as working groups and action coalitions, knowledge sharing through webinars, workshops, events, and advocacy work, and impact measurement and accountability.

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Join the growing Green Digital Action community to drive action, shape collective outcomes and promote the green and digital transitions among businesses, governments, and others.

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Explore our blogs for insights into how organizations are leveraging digital tech for climate solutions, and fostering innovation and cooperation across sectors.

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Environmental impacts of the ICT sector

Dive into ITU’s latest reports and publications to understand the environmental impact of ICTs and the potential to address climate change.

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