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WSIS Forum 2013: "WSIS +10 review process - Measuring the WSIS Targets"

Geneva, Switzerland, Room H, ITU Headquarters, 14 May 2013, 11h00-12h45


The Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development’s session on the WSIS+10 review process will present efforts, challenges and achievements in measuring the WSIS outcomes and tracking the targets identified by the WSIS Geneva Plan of Action. This includes the statistical framework document on Measuring the WSIS Targets, and the Partnership’s review process - including the WSIS targets questionnaire that will be sent out to all countries in 2013 - and the Final Review Report on the achievements made towards the WSIS targets.
Information will be provided on the availability of data to track progress and on data gaps, and the session will present some examples of countries that have actively measured progress towards the achievement of the WSIS targets. The session will also look at lessons learnt from measuring international ICT for development goals, specifically those related to the WSIS process. It will also include a discussion on the post-2015 process and how ICT4D measurement could be linked to the process.

The session will further include presentations by the UN Regional Commissions to highlight regional activities undertaken to identify, measure and evaluate concrete goals and targets.
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Opening remarks: Brahima Sanou, Director Telecommunication Development Bureau, ITU
Chair: Tiziana Bonapace, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)