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National Capacity-building Workshop on Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Capacity-building Workshop on ICT Indicators in Albania took place on 4-5 June 2014 in Tirana, Albania. The workshop was addressed to the experts who are directly responsible for collecting and/or producing ICT statistics in the Ministry for Innovation and Public Administration/NAIS, the Electronic and Postal Communication Authority (AKEP), the Institute of Statistics of Albania (INSTAT) and the Albanian operators.

The workshop provided an overview of the work on ICT measurement carried out by the ITU ICT Data and Statistics Division, including the Measuring the Information Society report, the ICT Development Index (IDI) and the ICT Price Basket (IPB).  The main groups of telecommunication/ICT indicators collected by ITU, their definitions and methodological issues were presented, as well as the current ICT data collection in Albania. The mechanisms for the national coordination of ICT statistics were discussed, and the strengths and challenges of ICT data production and dissemination in Albania were examined in view of the international standards and benchmarks.

The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the capacity of Albania to produce national statistics and indicators on telecommunications and ICT. The workshop brought together 35 experts responsible for collecting and/or producing such statistics from five Albanian public administrations and seven Albanian telecommunication operators.