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ITU ASP CoE Training on Conformity and Interoperability

12-16 October 2015,
Beijing, P. R. China


The training course is designed to enhance strategic understanding of participants on ITU’s Conformity and Interoperability Programme, implementation mechanism, Conformity Assessment Principles and to develop greater understanding of typical global certification system, Country Case Studies for C&I implementation and assessment. The training will enable participants to undertake and analyse of the test specification thereby reducing the digital divide and the Standardization Gap with focus on human resource and infrastructure capacity building.

For details on ITU Conformity and Interoperability, please click here.

For further information, please contact Mr. Sameer Sharma, Senior Advisor, email: sameer.sharma[at]


Target Audience

This training is targeted at ICT professional managers and engineers interested in learning conformity and interoperability of their test equipment to relevant standards. It is also targeted at ICT decision makers, managers, technical work for consumers, suppliers and operators. It is also of interest to anyone seeking to understand and exploit the benefits of Conformity and Interoperability, test specification, test items and test methodologies for mobile terminal, Packet Transport Network (PTN). Basic knowledge of a computer operating system and virtualization is required.



Day 4

Session 10-2: Wireless Connectivity Test of Mobile Terminals, CAICT

Session 10-3: Conformance test introduction, Zhong Nan, CTTL

Session 11: Experiment in test lab

- Hands on training of Mobile terminal test in Lab with test instruments and test systems

- Wireless Connectivity (Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.)

- Hands on training of Mobile terminal test in Lab with test instruments and test systems



Day 5

Field Visit to User Center of Carriers or Vendors