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​​​Overview of Activities & Events on Innovation organized by the ITU’s Telecommunication Development Bureau.​

Past Events & Activities

​Knowledge Sharing 

Global Innovation Dialogue

Innovation Ecosystem Program @  ITU Telecom World 2019, 09-12 September 2019, Budapest, Hungary 

Young ICT Leaders' Forum: “Mind the gap: Sustainability and Impact in Smart Cities”, 03-06 September 2019, Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea​

ITU Innovation Track at WSIS Forum 2019, Geneva, Switzerland.

Young ICT Leaders' Forum, 04-07 September 2018, Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea

Innovation track @ WSIS Forum 2018. Monday, 19 March 2018, Geneva, Switzerland.

ITU Innovation Dialogues @ WSIS Forum 2017, Geneva, Switzerland​.​

ITU-OECD Innovation Dialogue, conducted during the 2016 Ministerial Conference on the Digital Economy, June 2016, Cancun, Mexico.

ITU Innovation Track at WSIS Forum 2016, Geneva, Switzerland.

Regional Innovation Forums

Multi-stakeholder Workshop on Bridging the Digital Innovation Divide:Accelerating Digital Transformation towards 4th industrial revolution,14-16 October 2019,Congo Kintele Congress Centre, Republic of Congo​​​​​​​​​​

ITU Forum: " Innovative Digital Solutions for an Accessible Europe: Fostering Growth of Start-ups", 21 February 2019, Vienna, Austria

ITU Regional Workshop on Bridging The Digital Innovation Divide 2019​, Cairo, Egypt

ITU Regional Workshop on Accelerating Digital Transformation towards 4th industrial revolution, 11 - 12 December 2017, Gaborone, Botswana.

Executive Workshop @ ITU Telekom 2017: Bridging the Di​gital Innovation Divide, 26-28 September 2017, Busan Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea

Executive Workshop for Europe: Bridging the Di​gital Innovation Divide, 12-13 September 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia​.

ITU Regional Forum for CIS and Europe “Strengthening Innovation Capabilities in the ICT-centric Ecosystem and Fostering the Growth of ICT Startups," 28-29 March 2017, Chisinau, Moldova.

Regional Forum Greece, conducted under the AGORA platform initiative, 9-10 Dec. 2015, Athens, Greece.

National Innovation Forum

Multi-stakeholder Workshop on Bridging the Digital Innovation Divide: Accelerating Digital Transformation towards Thailand 4.0, 08-09 May 2018​, Bangkok, Thailand

ITU Digital Innovation Framework Workshop, 12 May 2017, Chisinau, Moldova.