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ITU Regional Workshop on Bridging The Digital Innovation Divide, Cairo-Egypt,1-2 October 2019

ITU Regional Workshop on Bridging The Digital Innovation Divide will take place in Cairo – Egypt, from 1-2 October 2019, and organized in collaboration with The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC). 

The Workshop will discuss the challenges in Building ICT-Centric Innovation Ecosystems.

The following themes will be discussed :
  • What is the current Policy - What can be improved in the current Policy
  • How to make Digital Innovation Work – Ready for a paradigm shift. ITU Digital Innovation Framework, New Approach & Tools Panel
  • What you could do to solve the problem?
  • New Building Blocks
  • New Framework of Analysis
  • Toolbox Overview: Understand the ecosystem & where you stand
  • Building Digital Innovation Ecosystem
  • Analyze the Current State of your Ecosystem
  • Research Filters, Community Positions
  • Expert literature Review/Desktop Research Understanding the Entrepreneurs Journey & Stakeholder Actions
  • Approach to Building Projects, Monitoring & Evaluation National Commitment, Regional Sustainability & Global Competitiveness
  • Understanding the need for national commitment
  • Fostering Regional Digital Integration