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Young ICT Leaders' Forum 2019

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​This Young ICT leaders’ Forum (YILF) took place from 3-6 September in smart city of Busan, Republic of Korea.

The YILF is an annual event organized by ITU and Busan Metropolitan City. It gathered youth from around the world to learn and to share ideas about ICT development and innovations.

The sixth edition of the Young ICT leaders under the overall theme of “Mind the gap: Sustainability and Impact in Smart Cities” explored a first gap where youth entrepreneurs are inhibiting from addressing the right problems in their community,a second gap where their solutions are unable to scale in an increasingly complex and interdependent world. 

Programme Overview

​This annual event, gathered a global community of young ICT leaders, aged between 18 and 35 years, to promote the participation of the youth in the digital economy, including (1) promoting the engagement of youth in the field of ICTs; (2) decreasing the digital divide; and (3) promoting research on emerging ICTs particularly internet of things (IoT).

Participants learned through a four-day journey empowering them with knowledge, skills, and means to be champions in their communities, to scale their solutions and create sustainability. 

Challenge Winners

Below are the winning ideas for the 2019 Young ICT Leader's Forum in Busan, Republic of Korea.

​Digital change-maker

​Ecosystem best practice

Smart communities

​Barter Currency
Homeschooling platform
Inspire Entrepreneurs
Mission Possible: Social Innovation Labs
MOVENS - Technology for social movements
Powering digital reach to relevant Arabic information through AI
Young IT Professional Development
Gamifiying Science Education (GamiSciEd)
​Bit Bots, STEAM ed. solutions.
Certified Ethical Technology - An international ecosystem for developing humane technology
Code & Play: Coding Club & TechKids Camp for young generations
Coding with UKE - programming learning for children
Evercity - developing and accelerating smart sustainable city solutions in Russia and beyond
Rural Innovation Lab (B-Lab)
Web Analytics Community Development
​Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide by Digitizing the Rural Retailer
DamoGO : Rescue Delicious Unsold Food Around You! Tackle Food Waste With Us
Empowered - eWork Solution for Persons with Disabilities
Pan-African Center for Autism (PACA)
Qumaq - Instant help
RegoPantes: Help Farmers, Get Fresher Products
Save The Chicken AI
Zip Services Platform