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Innovation is integral to the economic growth of countries and the digital inclusion of societies in a post-COVID-19 world. The lack of access to or the failure to use disruptive digital technologies has resulted in exacerbating the digital divide in recent years.

Entrepreneurship-driven innovation helps address challenges globally and locally and presents relevant economic solutions that create sustainable jobs. However, the lack of technical know-how, resources, and coordination among key stakeholders and policymakers create challenges along the road to digital entrepreneurship.

This session of the Road to Addis embraced the opportunities offered by digital innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurship and innovation, and it answered the following questions:

  • What are the challenges that innovators face when leveraging digital technologies to address problems in their communities?
  • What are the good practices that enable an environment where digital innovation thrives?
  • How can we engage stakeholders to play their roles in mainstreaming entrepreneurship-driven innovation?
  • How can we ensure that low-resource environments maximize their economic potential for using digital innovation technologies?
  • How can we mainstream entrepreneurship-driven innovation?

This event was highly interactive with live discussions with the audience, the word cloud, ​a session illustration, as well as video​ interludes​.

The session was hosted by ITU and moderated by David Kirkpatrick, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy Media.​

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2021 ITU Innovation Challenges

The Valley of Death: what failure teaches innovators

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David Kirkpatrick

David Kirkpatrick
​Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy Media​
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​​Doreen Bogdan-Martin BDT Director
​​Doreen Bogdan-Martin
Director, ITU Telecommunication ​Development Bureau
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​​​Panellist Erik Ekudden
​Erik Ekudden​
CTO Ericsson​
Biography »​​​
​​​Panellist Diene Keita
​Diene Keita
Deputy Executive Director (Programme) UN Assistant Secretary-General
Biography »​​
​​​Panellist Bostjan Koritnik
H.E. Boštjan Koritnik
Minister of Public Administration​ Slovenia​
Biography »​​
​​​Panellist Janati Nakimera
Janati Nakimera
Co-founder and CEO Solar Net Metering, Uganda
Biography »​​
​​​Panellist Faustine Ndugulile
H.E.​ Faustine Ndugulile
Minister of Communication and Information Technology Tanzania
Biography »​​
​​​Panellist Faustine Ndugulile
Alexa Roscoe
Disruptive Technologies Lead, International Finance Corporation
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road to addis: episode 6
lollipops_5_innovation.pngInnovate2Connect: Mainstreaming entrepreneurship-driven innovation to accelerate digital transformation

21 July 2021, 14:00 – 15:30 CEST

Zoom webinar
The webinar was delivered in English with LIVE captioning.