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Girls in ICT

2021 ITU Global Innovation Forum

More than a year in, the COVID-19 crisis continues to have a significant impact on society. It has exposed the fragility of the current economic system across the globe, but it has also provided a powerful lens to examine the underlying conditions that led to this fragility, and illuminated gaps in economic and social values chains, providing the opportunity to improve economic resilience and related issues. To recover from crises like this, the world needs new partnerships to close the digital innovation gap, accelerate entrepreneurship-driven innovation and create decent jobs. Countries can use this experience as an opportunity to transform their communities into thriving and competitive digital economies.
The Global Innovation Forum provided participants with new insights, skills, tools, frameworks and relevant case studies to understand how to leapfrog the digital innovation divide, prepare and recover from global crises such as the pandemic and accelerate job creation in countries.

Targeted audience

The event was targeted at digital change-makers, policy-makers, the private sector, academics, entrepreneurial support organizations, entrepreneurs, financiers, community development managers, international organizations and media. All core sessions were available in the six languages of the United Nations.​

Topics covered

Core sessions

For maximum learning by participants, each day had two sessions. The sessions
Because youth are the leaders of tomorrow, the forum explored challenges and opportunities in becoming entrepreneurs, policy-makers or ecosystem builders who accelerate economic development in their communities through the lens of young ICT leaders from ITU's Generation Connect.​​