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Regional Launches: COP 2020 Guidelines

The explosion of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has created unprecedented opportunities for children and young people to communicate, connect, share, learn, access information and express their opinions on matters that affect their lives and their communities.  But wider and more easily available access to the Internet and mobile technology also poses significant challenges to children’s safety – both online and offline. 
To build on these opportunities and tackle the challenges, global responses are needed. The 2020 COP Guidelines are the product of a collaborative effort involving 80 experts from governments and international organisations, NGOs, academia  and the private sector and are meant to act as a blueprint, which can be adapted and used in a way that is consistent with national or local customs and laws.  


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The ITU COP 2020 Regional Launches are one-time events per ITU Region, which serve the following purposes:

  • ​Inform about the ever more increasing risks and harms that children face online as well as propose responses to the same;
  • Discuss the opportunities for children online including their empowerment in order to thrive in an online environment that has been actively shaped together with children themselves;
  • Enhance dialogue between relevant stakeholders across sectors and thematic areas;
  • Discuss options for implementation of the different sets of the COP Guidelines, highlight key issues and emphasize different regional focus areas;
  • Commit for future joint efforts to implement COP Guidelines at the local, national, regional and international levels​​​


The Regional Launches of the 2020 COP Guidelines will be proposed in different formats depending on the Regions, ranging from high-level panels, to one day forums and 4-days training sessions for policy-makers.