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The cybersecurity programme offers ITU membership – particularly developing countries – the opportunity and tools to increase cybersecurity capabilities at the national level, in order to enhance security, build confidence and trust in the use of ICTs – making the digital realm more safe and secure for everyone. The work and mandate of the cybersecurity programme builds on Objective 2 of the Buenos Aires Action Plan adopted at the 2017 World Telecommunication Development Conference, and related resolutions mentioned below. 

Below you can access our mandate and a list of important ITU resolutions concerning the work of the Cybersecurity programme.

ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (PP​):​
​​​​Resolution​ 130​ (Rev. Dubai 2018) "Strengthening the role of ITU​​ in building confidence and security in the use of information and communication technologies"​.
​Resolution 174 (Busan 2014) "ITU's role with regard to international public policy issues relating to the risk of illicit use of information and communication technologies".
​​Resolution 179 (Rev. Dubai 2018​) "ITU's role in child online protection"​.

​​ITU World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC):​
Resolution 45​ (Dubai 2014) "Mechanisms for enhancing cooperation on cybersecurity, including countering and combating spam".
​Resolution 67 (Buenos Aires 2017) "The role of the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector in child online protection".
​Resolution 69 (Buenos Aires 2017) "Facilitating creation of national computer incident response teams, particularly for developing countries, and cooperation between them"​.

​ITU World Telecommunicatio​n Standardization Assembly (WTSA):
​​Resolution 50 (Hammamet 2016) "Cybersecurity".
​Resolution 52 (Hammamet 2016) "Countering and combating spam"
​Resolution 58 (Dubai 2012) "Encourage the creation of national computer incident response teams, particularly for developing countries".


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