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Online Regional Dialogue on the 2020 ITU COP Guidelines and Opportunities for Implementation in the Arab Region, 23 Nov. 2020 (11:00-13:00) Cairo Time

The Online Regional Dialogue on the 2020 ITU COP Guidelines and Opportunities for Implementation in the Arab Region is organized by the International Telecommunication Union on Monday 23 Nov. 2020 (11:00-13:00) Cairo Time.

This event is held within the framework of the ITU Arab Regional Initiative for Arab Region “Confidence and security in the use of telecommunications/ICTs", adopted by the WTDC-17, Buenos Aires.  

In today's world, Internet is evolving at an unbridled speed, becoming an infinitely richer resource for children to play and learn, but exponentially increasing the risks faced by children online. The COVID-19 pandemic plays an undeniable role in accelerating this phenomenon while throwing a sharp spotlight on the need to double any efforts towards supporting children and young people's lives online and improve the Internet safety ecosystem for children.

The new Child Online Protection (COP) Guidelines 2020 represent the significant effort to create a safe and empowering environment for children and young people by providing tools that support children, parents and educators in the development of digital skills and digital literacy, as well as industry and government stakeholders in the development of corporate and national COP policies and strategies.  
The event provides the event will provide a platform for the community of Arab stakeholders dealing with COP as well as for all Arab countries that will implement the COP guidelines to present approaches taken related to keeping children and young persons' safe online and to encourage others to implement the Guidelines. It will also offer a unique opportunity to the countries already rolling out the COP guidelines to meet and present progress made so far and exchange their national practices. It will give the opportunity to involve all relevant stakeholders by bringing them together for a common goal – protecting and empowering our children and future generations online and offline. This way throwing light on perspective of improvement while adapting to country-specific cases and together reflect on the future of cybersecurity and child online protection.