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The Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) is a trusted reference that measures the commitment of countries to cybersecurity at a global level – to raise awareness of the importance and different dimensions of the issue. As cybersecurity has a broad field of application, cutting across many industries and various sectors, each country’s level of development or engagement is assessed along five pillars – (i) Legal Measures, (ii) Technical Measures, (iii) Organizational Measures, (iv) Capacity Development, and (v) Cooperation – and then aggregated into an overall score.

Based on a multi‐stakeholder approach and initiative, the GCI leverages the capacity and expertise of different organizations (see key partners below), with the objectives of improving the quality of the survey, fostering international cooperation, and promoting knowledge exchange on this topic. The ITU Global Cybersecurity Agenda (GCA)​ ​provides the general foundation and framework for the initiative.​


Invitations to countries to nominate a focal point for the GCI have gone out to the official ITU contact points. Countries may designate a focal point at any point up until the Questionnaire is closed. 

Currently, the GCI team is in progress of verifying data submitted by Member States. Over 30,000 URLs, and over 1,000 pdfs have been submitted, which are verified by the GCI team. We ask for Member State patience as we verify this data. 

The Reference Framework (methodology) and Questionnaire for the 5th edition of the GCI can be found below in all six (6) official UN languages:
Report summarizing the GCI Expert Group's work​ was submitted to Study Group 3/2 in 2023.


Note: Researchers interested in using GCI data can reach out to for access. Global Cybersecurity Index Questionnaire responses and supporting documentation is only available to respective Member States.

The GCI expert group meeting held 15 October was attended by 76 experts coming from Member States, ITU-D Sector members, private sectors and academia. The event was for informational purposes only to guide experts on how to distribute/recommend weightage to the GCI indicators, sub-indicators and micro-indicators. 



​Invitation letter (Englishعربي​​中文​​, EspañolFrançaisРусский​)​ 
​​Guidelines for Member States​
Reference model​
​​GCIv4 Questionnaire: (English, French​, Russian, Spanish​)
Invitation to participate in Weightage Expert Group (Eng​lish, عربي​​中文​​, Español​FrançaisРусский)​ 
Weightage Expert Group Terms of Reference (English, عربي​​中文​​, Español​​​FrançaisРус​ский​)​ 

​​Third iteration
2018 Global Cybersecurity Index (v3)Download Report GCI v3 (2018).
Second iteration
2017 Global Cybersecurity Index (v2). Background & resources and Download Report GCI v2 (2017).

First iteration
2014 Global Cybersecurity Index (v1). Background & resources and Download Report GCI v1 (2014). 


​​GCI 2020 (v4)​​

​​​​Azerbaijan ranks third for cyber security in CIS
Cyberspace splitting along US-China geopolitical lines, India needs a stance: Govt cyber chief
Cybersecurity Improvement in Mexico – Luces del Siglo
ITU Survey Finds Half of Nations With Cyber Incident Response Plans​​
​America tops ITU's Global Cyber Security Index, UK in tie for second with Saudi Arabia​
Why the UK lost its top spot on the ITU Global Cybersecurity Index​

​Costa Rica’s Improvement in The Global Cybersecurity Index is recognized
​Georgia ranks 55th in the world, 30th in Europe for cyber security​
Countries ramp up cybersecurity strategies
​Ghana Ranked 3rd On Cyber Security
​Bangladesh jumps 25 notches up to rank 53 in Global Cybersecurity Index
Bangladesh secures 53rd position in Global Cybersecurity Index

Bangladesh 53rd in Global Cybersecurity Index
Bangladesh moves 25 spots up in Global Cybersecurity Index​
Ghana is third with 86.69% rating in Africa on Global Cybersecurity Index
Saudi Arabia ranks No. 2 globally in its commitment to cybersecurity
Global Cyber Security Index (GCI) 2020
Global Cyber Security Index 2020: Asia-Pacific Countries Ranked​
Global Cybersecurity Index 2020 Ranks Morocco at 50th Globally
​Global Cybersecurity Index 2020: Nigeria Posts Stellar Performance
​India Enters Top 10 In Global Cybersecurity Index 2020 Rankings; Jumps 37 Places
India jumps 37 places to rank 10 in ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Index 2020, fourth among Asia-Pacific countries
India jumps 37 places to rank 10 in Global Cyber Security Index
India Ranks 10th In Global Cybersecurity Index: UN Study
India Ranks Among Top 10 in Global Cybersecurity Index
​ITU Global Cybersecurity Index 2020: India ranked amongst top 10 nations​
​India among top 10 in Global Cybersecurity Index

India breaks into top 10 countries on UN’s index measuring commitment to cybersecurity
​Kazakhstan Makes Gains in 2020 UN Global Cybersecurity Index Report
Malaysia among top ten countries with highest commitment to cybersecurity
​Mauritius, Ghana, Nigeria Rank Top 10 African Countries in Global Cybersecurity Index
Nepal moves up in global cybersecurity ranking
Nigeria lags behind Mauritius, Ghana, others in cybersecurity ranking​
​Nigeria ranks 47th on UN’s cybersecurity index
Oman 3rd among Arab world, 21st globally in Cybersecurity Index 2020
Ranked: Top 10 African countries in Global Cybersecurity Index​
Azerbaijan improves its position in Global Cybersecurity Index
Azerbaijan ranks 40th in Global Cybersecurity Index
Saifuddin: Malaysia ranked among top 10 countries with highest commitment to cybersecurity
South Caucasus countries in Global Cybersecurity Index 2020
Saudi No 2 in cybersecurity ranking; US tops 2020 global list
South Korea Ranks Fourth in ITU Global Cybersecurity Index
Singapore ranks fourth, India 10th in UN's global cybersecurity index
Study: US, UK, and Saudi Arabia lead in commitment to cybersecurity​
​Vietnam Ranks 25 in Global Cybersecurity Index
This Asian Nation Is a Quiet Leader in Cybersecurity​
UAE ranks 5th in ITU's 2020 Global Cybersecurity Index
Vietnam ranks 25th in Global Cybersecurity Index 2020
Vietnam leaps to 25th place in Global Cybersecurity Index
​Luxembourg ranked 13th worldwide in the Global Cybersecurity Index 2020 by ITU
How strong is financial cybersecurity in Bangladesh?​

Media Release - Botswana Ranks 12th in Africa on the ITU Global Cybersecurity Index 2020
Morocco must do better
FN's Global Cybersecurity Index placerer Danmark på en 32. plads globalt
Global Cyber Security index: चीन 33वें और पाकिस्तान 79वें स्थान पर, जानें भारत को मिला कौन-सा स्थान…
​Bangladesh's lax cybersecurity
L’Italia è al ventesimo posto del Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) dell’International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
​Kyrgyzstan ranks last among EAEU countries and Central Asia in terms of cybersecurity
Viet Nam records more than 2,900 cyber attacks in first half

Portugaaal rises to 14th place in the Global Cybersecurity Index 2020
​Cybersécurité : le Bénin progresse et se hisse au 6è rang africain​
India ranks among top 10 in ITU's Global Cybersecurity Index 2020
​Vietnam ranks 25th in Global Cybersecurity Index​
UBCOM opens a subsidiary in Portugal
Cyber-attacks in Viet Nam decrease by 33.8% in 2022
​Raising the Political Priority of Cybersecurity in Latin America​
National Cybersecurity Strategies: Lessons Learned and Reflections from the Americas and Other Regions

GCI 2018 (v3)​​​

​​​​Digital ecosystems are not created equal …​
Georgia ranks 9th in Europe for cyber security​
How are governments staying safe? ITU releases its third Global Cybersecurity Index​
Which Country is #1 in Cybersecurity?​
Adaptive Security Market - Global Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2024​
Cybersecurity steps to keep hackers at bay​
Thai cybersecurity ranking dips to 35th​
Cyber Security In Ghana: Talk Or Action?​
​Nigeria’s fight against cybercrimes ranked 57th globally​
Jordan ranks 8th regionally, 74th globally on Global Cybersecurity Index 2018​
CrowdReviews Partnered with Explore Exhibitions to Announce: 5th Global Cyber Security Forum September 18, 2019 Beirut, Lebanon​

​EAEU digitalization will improve member states' international ratings — official​
Software Market Growth Rate 2019 | Rising Trends, Demand Status and Growth Potential in Information & Communications ​
Which Countries Are Best-Prepared for Cybercrime Response?​
US among global leaders in cybersecurity, report finds​

Rising levels of cybercrime renews focus on cybersecurity in Central Asia​
​Fighting Hackers: The development of cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia​​
How would you improve Australia's cyber security?​
Counting the cost of Middle East cyberattacks​
From Finland to Afghanistan: cybercrime exposure down to strategy​​
​Growing Concern at Cyber Cap​abilities of Terrorist Groups in Africa

​L’ANSSI-Bénin s’organise pour la deuxième édition du Hackerlab​​
Using human values‐based approach to understand cross‐cultural commitment toward regulation and governance of cybersecurity​
​Lebanon is finally seeking to leapfrog into digitally empowered spheres​
The Business Of Cybersecurity And Cloud In 21st Century Nigeria​
​Vietnam sets up cybersecurity emergency response centre​
Riyadh forum to encourage investment in cybersecurity
The Complexities of Kazakhstan’s Cybersecurity Landscape: Facing the Challenges​​
​Africa is fertile ground for cybercrime​

Qatar- Islamic fintech important tool to meet sustainable development: QCB Governor​
National cyber security agency to be formed, says MTIC minister​
​​Gauging A Global Commitment To Digital Safety​​
​Australia shoots up in cyber security rankings
Threats still lurk for RI despite improving cybersecurity​​
S. Korea to spend 670 bln won on cyber security by 2023​
Global adaptive security market demand and status future growth by 2025​​
Adaptive Security Market Growth, Size, Analysis, Outlook by 2019  – Trends, Opportuni​ties and Forecast to 2027​
​Minister: Armenia ranked 79th in Global Cybersecurity Index​
Security vs efficiency: smart ports in a post-COVID-19 era
Cybersecurity Dynamics: Securing Information Infrastructure in African Economies​
Massive shift to digital space increases the need for Cyber Security experts

​​GCI 2017 (v2)​​​

​​​​What Can We Learn From the ‘Global State of Infor​mation Se​curity ​Survey 2018’?​​​​​​
​Rwanda, Mauritius top Africa in 2017 global cyber security index​​​
The state of PH cybersecurity​​​​​​
Netherlands Ranks Top-15 in ITU Global Cyber Security Index 2017​​​​​​
Global Cybersecurity Index 2017 reveals that 50% of countries have no cybersecurity strategy in place​​​ UN cyber security index 2017: At 23rd, India ahead of Germany, China, but Singapore on top​​​​
​​​India ranks 23rd among 165 nations in c​​ybersecurity index​​ U.N. survey finds cybersecurity gaps everywhere except Singa​​pore​​​​
ITU Global Cybersecurity Index 2017 shows improvements and strengthening of global cybersecurity agenda​​​​ VN f​alls in world cyber security index​​​
Singapore tops ITU's Global Cybersecurity Index 2017​​​​
Automotive Cybersecurity Market to Reach USD 8.61 Billion By 2027 | CAGR of 21.7%: Emergen Research​
​​ Thailand ranks 20th in global cybersecurity ranking ​
Preparing for disruption: Technological Readiness Ranking​
​​Cyber Risk Scenarios, the Financial System, and Systemic Risk Assessment​

​​​GCI 2014 (v1)​

ITU starts Global Cybersecurity Index​ Malaysia ranks third in Global Cybersecurity Index​​​​​
Top countries best prepared against cyberattacks​​​
Estonia ranks fifth in the global cybersecurity index​
How do you work out a country’s level of cybersecurity?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ United Nations Launches Global Cybersecurity Index​​​​
​​Measuring the Information Society Report​ 2015, Chapter 1​​​​​​​​US has greatest commitment to cybersecurity, global index reveals​​​
​​​Cybersecurity Indexes in Cybersecurity Experts Blog at National Cybersecurity Institute​​​​​​​Egypt Ranked Ninth at Global Cybersecurity Index​​​​​
UK ranks ​fifth​ i​n global cyber security rankings​​​​​ Νορβηγία, η πιο “ετοιμοπόλεμη” ευρωπαϊκή χώρα στην αντιμετώπιση ψηφιακών απειλών​ (Greek only)​​​​​​
Oman third be​st prepared in world to thwart cyber attacks​​​​​​​​Latvia Takes 7th Place in Global Cyber Security Index​
Uruguay es el segundo país de América Latina y octavo del mundo en seguridad informática (Spanish only​)