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GSR13 Consultation


GSR13 Best Practice Guidelines

The GSR13 consultation focused on the need to rethink regulation and the evolving role of the regulator in light of the changes taking place in the sector. Innovative and smart regulatory approaches and measures were identified in the following areas:
  • Regulation 4.0: Innovative and smart regulatory approaches fostering equal treatment of market players, stimulating services uptake and access to online services and applications without putting extra burden on operators and service providers (co-regulation, self-regulation, smart incentives, etc.);
  • The evolving role of the regulator: the regulator as a partner for development and social inclusion
  • The need to adapt the structure and institutional design of the regulator to develop future regulation.
Contributions were coordinated by Ms Magdalena Gaj, President of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) of Poland.

Individual Country Responses

GSR13 Best Practice Guidelines - final 
GSR13 Best Practice Guidelines - 3rd draft
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GSR13 Best Practice Guidelines - 2nd draft
GSR13 Best Practice Guidelines - 1st draft
GSR13 Consultation letter