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Global Symposium for Regulators

18458132980_dd553864d0_m.jpgSince 2000, the Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) brings together heads of national telecom/ICT regulatory authorities from around the world and has earned a reputation as the global annual venue for regulators to share their views and experiences on the most pressing regulatory issues they have identified.

GSR also fosters a dynamic Global Industry Regulators Dialogue, between regulators, policy makers, industry leaders and other key ICT stakeholders. GSR’s Global Dialogue provides a neutral platform for ITU-D Sector Members to share their views on major issues facing the ICT sector.

The first two days of GSR are dedicated to the Global Regulators-Industry Dialogue with regulators, policy-makers and ITU–D Sector Members. The third day features two parallel tracks, a Regulators' track, open only to regulators and policy makers, and an Industry track, open to ITU-D sector members, in addition to the final closing ceremony open to all participants. GSR concludes with the adoption by regulators of a set of regulatory best practice guidelines.

GSR offers unique networking opportunities in the lead up to and during the event through the online interactive networking platform to set up appointments using a tablet or a smartphone.  
GSR includes a series of thematic events: 

A Thematic Global Dialogue
The Chief Regulatory Officers (CRO) / Industry Advisory Group for Development (IAGD) Meeting
The Regulatory Associations Meeting