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GSR 2019 : Documents

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​​​​  GSR 2019 Chairman's Report​​

    English  |  عربي​ |  中文|   Español  |   Français |  Русский


​  GSR 2019 Best Practice Guidelines under the   
  theme "Fast forward digital connectivity for all"

​             English  |  عربي​ |  中文 |   Español  |   Français |  Русский

    Contributions: Australia, Botswana, Colombia (English), Côte d'Ivoire (English), France (English), 
    Mexico​ (English), ​Peru (English), Poland, Switzerland (English), Syria (English), Turkey, Zambia, Zimbabwe


​​​​​  GSR​ Reference D​ocuments

   Emergency Simulation Exercise (English, عربي, ​中文, Español, Français, Русский​)​​​​

   Emergency Communications Reference Material​​​

   Background documents: ​Preparing for WRC-19

   Building confidence in a data driven economy by assuring consumer redress


  ITU data, research and analysis

   Statistical audit of the ICT Regulatory Tracker, Joint Research Center (JRC), 
   European Commission’s science and knowledge service



  GSR​ sessions:

  ​​​ Session 4: Emergency simulation exercise (ETC)

   Session 5: Mr Alan Horne (GSR discussion paper)
   Building confidence in a data driven economy by assuring consumer reddress

   Session 6: Mr Mario Maniewicz, BR Director
   ​​Spectrum Management and WRC-19

   Session 8: Mr Rolando Balsinde (McKinsey & Company)
   The 5G inflection point


  Information Session: From first mile to last mile - Thinking out of the box​​​​

   Ms Ruth Pritchard-Kelly, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, OneWeb/GSC
   Introduction to OneWeb 

   Ms Jennifer Miller, General Counsel, Loon LLC
   Loon - Connect People Everywhere

   Mr George Samisoni, President, Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA)
   Subsea cables in the Pacific

   Mr Steve Song, APC/Mozilla, Canada
   Regulation & Technological Change

   Mr Naveed Haq, Regional Development Manager, Internet Society
   Last Mile Access: Solutions involving community

   Dr Robert Pepper, Head of Global Connectivity Policy and Planning, Facebook
   Connecting the Next 49 Percent