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Space Services Department (SSD)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About SSD

The Space Services Department (SSD) is responsible for coordination and recording procedures for space systems and earth stations. The Department handles capture, processing and publication of data and carries out examination of frequency assignment notices submitted by administrations for inclusion in the formal coordination procedures or recording in the Master International Frequency Register (MIFR).
The Department is also responsible for managing the procedures for space related assignment or allotment plans of the ITU and for provision of assistance to administrations on all of the above issues.
Structure of SSD

BR IFIC & Preface

The BR International Frequency Information Circular (Space  Services) (BR IFIC) is a service document in DVD-ROM format, published once every two weeks. The Preface describes the contents and the layout of the BR IFIC.
BRIFIC online

Space Plans

Information concerning planned satellite networks and in particular information related to provisions for space services subject to a Plan under Appendices 30, 30A and 30B of the Radio Regulations.
Appendices 30/30A BSS Plan
A​ppendix 30B FSS Plan

Cost recovery

In accordance with Resolution 88 rev of the Plenipotentiary Conference (Marrakech, 2002) and Council Decision 482 modified (C2008), cost recovery is to apply to satellite network filings received by the Radiocommunication Bureau after 7 November 1998.

Space Support

Information about electronic filing, space services publications and databases; also documents related to seminars and work​shops organized by the Radiocommunication Bureau.

Non-geostationary-satellite networks

The following pages provide information on the regulatory procedures for the submission and registration of frequency assignments to non-geostationary-satellite networks, includin​g information on small satellites, and on EP​F​​D related issues.​
API for NGSO satellite networks​
EPFD Validation

SNS and SNL Online

The SNS online (TIES account or subscription required) enables access to the data of planned and non-planned satellite networks, earth stations and radio astronomy stations. The SNL online (free access) provides a list of these networks and their associated official publications based on a set of query criteria.​
Pilot ITU SpaceExplorer​​ ​