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BR IFIC (Space services)


The BR International Frequency Information Circular (S​pace  Services) (BR IFIC) is a service document in DVD-ROM forma​t containing particulars of frequency allotments and assignments to space services.​​​​

​It is published once ​every two weeks by the Radiocommunication Bureau in accordance with provision No. 20.2 to ​20.6 and​ ​​No. 20.15 of the Radio Regulations.​DVDs containing BR IFIC are del​ivered to Administrations and BR IFIC subscribers. The ISO copy of the BR IFIC in DVD-ROM can also be downloaded by them.

Please contact the helpdesk for questions or difficulties regarding BR IFIC (Space Services).​​

NEW: ​The BR IFIC (Space services) online is available on Beta version​