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Space networks and related software

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Space networks and related software​​



All v9.1 software are ​packaged in o​ne global installation:

​- Stand alone offline installer (size: 400 MB):  Installer-v9.1-9.​1.0.84.exe​​​ ​(Rel​ea​se​ notes​ and specific notes on installation)

- Online installer: Installer-v9.1-​4-online.exe​

​Previous versions can be downloaded from the ​Archives​​​

AP7Capture - Capture system for AP7 Input parameters
Software package which allows the capture and modification of data that is relevant to the AP7 Analysis.​

BR-SIS - BR-Space Information System
All BR Soft applications will be rewritten in the BR Space Information System. The first BR application to be integrated in the BR-SIS, is SpaceQry

Software package which provides the user with the ability to carry out calculations on satellite networks which allow determining the coordination requirements.
GIMS - Graphical Interference Management
Software package which allows the capture and modification of graphical data relating to the electronic notification of satellite networks.
SAM - Space Applications Manager
This software provides the user with a unique tool to easily run all installed BR Space Applications software from a global, menu-driven list, rather than searching for and starting applications individually.

SNL – Space Network List
The SNL is a group of 20 lists of data concerning planned or existing space stations and earth stations giving information on the use of the frequency spectrum, the occupancy of the geostationary orbit, as well as on  non-geostationary orbits.

SNS – Space Network Systems
Online data-retrieval system containing AP4 data of geostationary satellite filings, non-geostationary satellite filings and earth station filings.

SpaceCap – Space data capture
Data capture software for electronic notification of satellite networks and earth stations in the space radiocommunications services.


SpaceCom - Capture system for comments on  Special Sections
SpaceCom software package is a stand-alone application designed to assist administrations and the Bureau in the management of the comments on four types of Special Sections: CR/C, API/A, AP30-30A Part A, AP30-30A/F/C

SpacePub – Space Publication
Software package for printing satellite networks / Earth stations from the SRS database.

SpaceQry – Space Query and Extract System
Software package which provides access to the Radiocommunication Bureau's Space Radiocommunication Stations database.

SpaceRefdb – Space Reference Tables
Software to install an up-to-date copy of the BR Reference tables.

SpaceVal – Space Filings Validation Software
Software for validating electronic notices captured by the BR SpaceCap software; provides interactive validation facility in SpaceCap.

SPS – Space Plans System  (MSPACEg)
The SPS computer system has been developed to allow determination of the coordination requirements for the Plans for space networks in Appendices 30 and 30A of the Radio Regulations.

SRS – Space Radiocommunications Stations on DVD-ROM
As of January 2012, the Space Radiocommunications Stations (SRS) on DVD-ROM is replaced by the BR International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC) - Space Service.  For more information please refer to BR IFIC Space Services.

SRSConvert – Database Conversion Utility
Utility which allows the user to convert the data contained in an existing SRS-formatted database from an old version database into a new version database.

SRSFixDB – Fix Electronic Notification Database Utility
Utility that was created to correct certain information in electronic notification databases that were sent to the BR.



The Bureau advises its users to check periodically for the latest versions of the ITU BR space services software packages by accessing this web site or by checking on the latest BR IFIC (space services) DVD-ROM.