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Satellite network filings including UG earth stations providing UAS CNPC links

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Radiocommunication Bureau receives satellite network filings including associated "UG" earth stations providing unmanned aircraft systems control and non-payload communication (UAS CNPC) links.

In line with  resolves to encourage administrations 1 of Resolution 155 (WRC-15), this information is made available to the ITU-R membership in order to assist in ITU-R studies requested by this resolution. In accordance with instructs the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau 4, this information is not processed by the Bureau and is provided here for information only.

More information​​ in line with ​instructs the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau of Resolution 155 (WRC-15):​

"UG" class of station - see ITU-R Circular Letter CR​​/407​ 

​​​​ITU-R Report 2171 - Characteristics of unmanned aircraft systems and spectrum requirements to support their safe operation in non-segregated airspace​
​​ITU-R Report 2233​ - Examples of technical characteristics for unmanned aircraft control and non-payload communications links

For help with the table, refer to the explanatory notes. The appropriate files may be downloaded by clicking on the relevant icon in the first column.

ODYSSEY-166E.zipDODYSSEY-166E166 E02.11.2016
ODYSSEY-93W.zipDODYSSEY-93W93 W02.11.2016
ODYSSEY-91W.zipDODYSSEY-91W91 W17.01.2017
UKNETSAT-122.9W.zipGUKNETSAT-122.9W122.9 W24.01.2017
UKNETSAT-124.9W.zipGUKNETSAT-124.9W124.9 W24.01.2017
ODYSSEY-169E.zipDODYSSEY-169E169 E06.02.2017
USASAT-60W.zipUSAUSASAT-60W60 W23.03.2017
USASAT-60X.zipUSAUSASAT-60X31.5 W10.08.2017
USASAT-80C-1.zipUSAUSASAT-80C-1125 W27.04.2018
USASAT-60A-1.zipUSAUSASAT-60A-1137 W09.05.2018
ODYSSEY-137W.zipDODYSSEY-137W137 W08.06.2018
F-SAT-N7-10E.zipFF-SAT-N7-10E10 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-11.5E.zipFF-SAT-N7-11.5E11.5 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-12.5W.zipFF-SAT-N7-12.5W12.5 W05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-13E.zipFF-SAT-N7-13E13 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-14.5E.zipFF-SAT-N7-14.5E14.5 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-16E.zipFF-SAT-N7-16E16 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-21.5E.zipFF-SAT-N7-21.5E21.5 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-33E.zipFF-SAT-N7-33E33 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-36E.zipFF-SAT-N7-36E36 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-3E.zipFF-SAT-N7-3E3 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-5W.zipFF-SAT-N7-5W5 W05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-7E.zipFF-SAT-N7-7E7 E05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-7W.zipFF-SAT-N7-7W7 W05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-8W.zipFF-SAT-N7-8W8 W05.07.2018
F-SAT-N7-9E.zipFF-SAT-N7-9E9 E05.07.2018
NEW DAWN 34.zipPNGNEW DAWN 3485 E23.08.2018
USASAT-60Z.zipUSAUSASAT-60Z180 E29.10.2018
ODYSSEY-127W-1.zipDODYSSEY-127W-1127 W12.12.2018
ODYSSEY-27.5W-1.zipDODYSSEY-27.5W-127.5 W12.12.2018
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