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ITU Secretary-General

Doreen Bogdan-MartinDoreen Bogdan-Martin took office as Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on 1 January 2023.

With over three decades of leadership experience in global telecommunications policy, Ms. Bogdan-Martin has emphasized the need for digital transformation to achieve economic prosperity, job creation, skills development, gender equality, and socio-economic inclusion, as well as to build circular economies, reduce climate impact, and save lives. Her historic election by ITU Member States in S​eptember 2022 made her the first woman ever to head the nearly 160-year-old organization. Known for mobilizing innovative partnerships, she aims to promote meaningful connectivity, intensify cooperation to connect the unconnected, and strengthen the alignment of digital technologies with inclusive sustainable development.​​

Official visits

ITU Official Visits, High Level and VIP Meetings

Recent activities

Event, 19 March 2024
American University

Paying a visit to American University students in Washington, D.C., the ITU Secretary-General urged them not to take emerging tech or connectivity for granted in our digitally divided world. Young people must be at the table in the push for bold, forward-thinking policies so we can build an inclusive, safe and sustainable digital future for all, she added.​​

Event, 18 March 2024
Satellite Industry Association

At the Satellite 2024 Conference and Exhibition in Washington D.C., the ITU Secretary-General addressed the future of the satellite industry – what's at stake, and ITU's role in it – universal, meaningful connectivity and sustainable digital transformation as her top priorities. She also delivered a keynote at the SATELLITE 2024 Awards Luncheon

Event, 18 March 2024
U.S. ITU Association

In Washington, D.C., the ITU Secretary-General exchanged views and insights with the U.S. ITU Association on progress and priorities in building a fit-for-future ITU.​​

Event, 14 March 2024
G7 Ministerial Meeting on Industry, Tech and Digital

ITU Secretary-General Doreen Bogdan-Martin commended G7 ministers for reinforcing the critical role of international standards across the G7 Italy Declaration.

The world is witnessing an unprecedented acceleration of tech history, but solving development challenges in the age of artificial intelligence requires going beyond connectivity. The SG says that today's digital experience must be affordable, meaningful, and it must be safe.

Event, 11 March 2024
UN High-Level Advisory Body on AI meeting

Addressing a meeting of the United Nations High-Level Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence held at ITU Headquarters, the ITU Secretary-General said she was looking forward to working together to strike the complex but necessary balance between regulation, innovation, and inclusion to ensure AI works for the good of people and planet.​​