The 2020 Global Innovation Forum Opens

The five-day event will take participants on global and regional learning journeys to prepare them to accelerate digital transformation in their communities. ​

Global innovation forum

ITU News Magazine: Regulation for digital transformation

​​​Discover the GSR-20 edition featuring insights into best practice guidelines for digital regulation, the REG4COVID resiliency platform, and ideas shared at GSR-20 to help boost digital markets in the face of unexpected events.

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ITU News Magazine

Can AI make the right decisions on the road?

​​Autonomous vehicles hold great potential for making mobility safer, more secure, sustainable, and accessible for everyone. But can self-driving cars be relied on to make life-or-death decisions in real time?

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self Driving Car

ITU Virtual Digital World 2020: Highlights

​​Catch up on the findings of three Ministerial Roundtables held at ITU Virtual Digital World 2020, brining together ministers, regulators, and private sector leaders to share experiences and strategies in the COVID-19 era.

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MyITU Beta版本

MyITU是一个方便手机使用的新网站,结合了国际电联新闻,精选的免费出版物、重大活动以及国际电联的成员信息,按关注的主题进行组织。​ 更多



ITU HQ Building

​成为新的国际电联的一部分。参与发展进程。有关赞助机遇,请点击 此处