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GSR 2023

ITU Strategic Plan 2024-2027

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals

Vision: An information society, empowered by the interconnected world, where telecommunication/information and communication technologies (ICTs) enable and accelerate social, economic and environmentally sustainable growth and development for everyone.

Mission: ITU's mission is to promote, facilitate and foster affordable and universal access to telecommunication/ information and communication technology networks, services and applications and their use for social, economic and environmentally sustainable growth and development. 

Our Strategic Goals:

Goal 1 – Universal Co​nnectivity: Enable and foster universal access to affordable, high-quality and secured telecommunications/ICTs. To advance universal connectivity, ITU will make efforts to achieve universally accessible, affordable, high-quality, interoperable and secure telecommunication/ICT infrastructure, services and applications. To coordinate efforts to prevent and eliminate harmful interference to radiocommunication services, facilitate the worldwide standardization of telecommunications, and leverage existing and emerging technologies, connectivity solutions and business models to close the digital divide in access in all countries, regions and for all humanity.

Goal 2 – Sustainable Digital Transformation: Foster equitable and inclusive use of telecommunications/ICTs to empower people and societies for sustainable development​. By leveraging telecommunications/ICTs, ITU will strive to facilitate digital transformation to help build an inclusive society and economy for sustainable development. ITU will thereby work to close the digital divide in the use of telecommunications/ICTs in all countries and for all peoples, including women and girls, youth, indigenous peoples, older persons, persons with disabilities and persons with specific needs. ​ITU will work to promote and enable digital transformation across spheres of life and activity, to address the dual climate and environmental crisis, and to foster the advancement of science, sustainable exploration of Earth and space, and the use of their resources for the benefit of all.

Resolution 71 (Rev. Bucharest, 2022)​ adopted the ITU Strategic Plan for 2024-2027