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Procurement Division

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ITU's Procurement Division is responsible for the timely and efficient acquisition of all goods and services required by the organization in compliance with ITU's procurement policies and procedures and best practices of procurement within the UN system. ITU's procure​ment processes are governed by the principles of fairness, integrity, transparency, effective competition, best value for money and the interest of the Union.

ITU purchases a wide range of goods and services from companies located worldwide and for an estimated value of CHF 30 Million per year and concludes contracts with more than 600 suppliers located in more than 80 countries on a yearly basis.

ITU Procurement Division purchases for ITU's Headquarters and its Regional Offices. ITU is committed to connecting all the world's people, wherever they live and whatever their means. Within this framework, the Procurement Division also supports the implementation of technical cooperation projects with beneficiary countries in the field of telecommunications.

The main categories of goods and services purchased by ITU are ​​the following:

>  IT equipment and services.
>  Insurance services.
>  Travel management services.
>  Facilities management services.
>  Translation and captioning services.
>  Consultancy services.
>  Training services.
>  Catering services.
>  Office supplies.
>  Public Relations and Branding Services for ITU's Events.

For additional information on procurement statistics please consult the Annual Statistical report on United Nations Procurement​​​

Procurement Notices

​ITU participates in the United Nations Global Marketplace (''UNGM''), the common procurement portal of the United Nations. UNGM acts as a single window through which potential suppliers may register to access a global market of over $15 billion annually across UN organizations. It allows suppliers to keep current business information available to all UN Organizations as a tool for locating potential suppliers. It also provides online access to all tender opportunities and contract awards published by many UN agencies.

In order to ensure open competition and that all procurement activities are carried out to the highest level of transparency and fairness, procurement notices are published on the United Nations General Marketplace website.​

All Solicitations published on the UNGM are channeled through a secured web-based e-tendering system (“In-tend"). All communications to potential Bidders during the solicitation process is made via UNGM-In-tend.

Supplier Registration

In order to be eligible for a contract award with ITU, Bidders are required to be registered on the UNGM at the Basic Level following the Bidder Registration Process at the following link​.
Bidders may contact UNGM technical support ( for assistance during the registration process. UNGM's supplier database is used by ITU to identify potential bidders for upcoming solicitations.  Therefore, suppliers are advised to carefully identify the goods or services offered and accurately indicate them during the registration process.

Please note that registration on UNGM does not guarantee that a supplier will be informed of the publication of ITU's tenders, as ITU evaluates a company's experience, its ability to supply/perform, financial soundness as well as the relevance of the goods or services offered prior to its inclusion in a list of potential suppliers.

Contract Awards

In order to underpin the principle of transparency, ITU publishes on UNGM the information relative to contracts awarded based on open competition which are available on the following link ​. ​​Bidders may request information about the assessment of their offers in writing (​

Policies and Regulations

ITU General Terms and Conditions​​

To be eligible to conduct business with ITU, suppliers are required to accept ITU's​ standard terms and conditions:

 1. General Terms and Conditions aplicable to Purchase Orders  (EnglishFrenchSpanishRussian)
 2. General Conditions of Contract for the Provision of Services and Goods (English​FrenchSpanish)

ITU reserves the right to amend or tailor its ter​ms and conditions in order to meet specific requirements of its procurement contracts.

“No-gifts, no-hospitality” Policy

Please note that ITU applies a strict “No-gifts, no-hospitality” policy. Accordingly, Bidders shall not offer gifts or hospitality to ITU staff members. Recreational trips to sporting or cultural events, transportation or invitations to lunches or dinners are also prohibited. ITU staff shall not accept gifts or hospitality from contractors, current or potential bidders.​

UN Supplier Code Of Conduct

ITU requires that all Bidders observe the highest standard of ethics during the solicitation process and the execution of the work. Prospective Bidders shall be aware that ITU enforce a zero-tolerance policy concerning proscribed practices, including corruption, fraud, coercion, collusion, unethical behaviour and obstruction. ITU adheres to the UN Supplier Code of Conduct. Prospective Bidders hereby understand and accept that any submission sent to ITU constitutes agreement to abide by, observe and fully cooperate with the application of subject Code of Conduct. Accordingly, any company that is found to have undertaken unethical, unprofessional or fraudulent activities will be suspended or forbidden from continuing business relations with ITU.

Please use the links below to view or download the UN Supplier Code of Conduct:

  English​                                                                     French​                                                        ​​    Spanish​       
  Russian​​​                                                                   Chinese​​                                                           Arabic​​

UN Global Compact

ITU supports the UN Global Compact Initiative, a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. ITU encourage all Bidders to sign up with the UN Global Compact Initiative.  ​

Gender Responsive Procurement

Bidders are encouraged to become a signatory to the Women Empowerment Principles​, a set of Principles for business offering guidance on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community developed by the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women ("UN Women").


​​​Suppliers may address any general questions or comments concerning procurement at ITU to the following address:

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Procurement Division
Financial Resources Management Department
CH-1211 Geneva 20,