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Meeting results (2017-10-16~27)

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Executive Summary of the ITU-T Study Group 16 Meeting
(Macao, China, 16-27 October 2017)

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Major accomplishments

Collocated activi​ties:

Dates of next SG16 meeting and interim Working Party meetings The meetings of SG16 in 2019 are planned as follows: These dates are subject to change, in particular due to the SG16 decision to shorten the SG16 meetings [TD143/Plen].​​

Map of meeting reports & Liaison Statements (as seen by the SG16 Plenary)

  Plen WP1 WP2 WP3
Meeting ReportQ1: TD 131/Plen
JCA MMeS: TD 130/Plen
TD 132/Plen​​
TD 133/Plen
TD 134/Plen
Liaison Statements
(35 in total)
Q1: TD 135/Plen (6) TD 136/Plen (9) TD 137/Plen (13) TD 138/Plen (7)
Work programme TD 139/Plen TD 140/Plen TD 141/Plen

Summary of Questions' Results

​Question ​1/16 summary

Question 1/16 met in three sessions to review 33 incoming liaisons assigned to Q1/16. It reviewed in detail topics of overall nature and interest for SG16 and coordinated replies from the several Questions for a harmonized reply from SG16. Q1/16 prepared six outgoing liaison statements and plans no interim meetings.

​Question 6/16 summary​

The primary goals for Question 6/16 at this meeting of SG16 were to review the progress of Q6/16, JCT-VC, JVET, and JPEG work, reach AAP Consent on revised Rec. H.265 (V5) High Efficiency Video Coding (AVC), approve the new supplement H.Sup18 (ex HSTP.HDRWCG) on signalling, backward compatibility, and display adaptation for HDR/WCG video, to issue a Joint Call for Proposals toward a future video coding Rec. H.FVC, and to establish Terms of Reference for future joint work on H.FVC standard development. The JVET was formalized as a joint collaborative team for standardization development between Q6/16 and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11 (MPEG) (ITU-T A.23 Annex A & ISO/IEC JTC 1 Standing Doc. 3) for H.FVC standardization and was slightly renamed as the "Joint Video Experts Team". Its aim is to develop a future video coding standard with substantially improved coding efficiency relative to HEVC. Q6/16 is planning to hold two Rapporteur meetings, two JCT-VC meetings, and two JVET meetings before the next SG16 meeting in July 2018 and to hold a meeting of the JCT-VC and of the JVET in a collocated fashion with the next SG16 meeting in July 2018 under its auspices. The Question prepared two outgoing Liaison Statements.​

Question 7/16 summary

Question 7/16 started a new work item to resolve a reported discrepancy between the text description and the C-code of ITU-T G.729 Annex B VAD, and solicits contributions to provide a complete solution. In the meantime, it has issued an Implementors Guide to track the issue. In response to a LS from 3GPP S-A4, Q7/16 prepared a revision to ITU-T G.722.2 Annex C to maintain alignment with the latest version of 3GPP AMR-WB. At the same time, the test vectors of G.722.2 Annex D have also been updated to align with the latest version of those in 3GPP AMR-WB. A LS was prepared to inform 3GPP S-A4 of these updates. It was agreed to discontinue all items in the Q7/16 work plan related to potential revisions of existing Recommendations are carried over from the previous Study Period and that have not attracted contributions for some time. The Question plans no interim meetings and prepared one outgoing LS.

Question 8​/16 summary

Question 8/16 had meetings during SG16 meeting in Macao, China, 16 to 27 October 2017. New work item H.ILE-MMT on "Service configuration, media transport protocols, signalling information of MMT for ILE" created in May 2017 was confirmed at this meeting. Q8/16 also progressed the drafts for H.ILE-SS on service scenarios of ILE, H.ILE-Reqs on requirements for ILE, and H.ILE-FW on an architectural framework for ILE. Q8/16 had the 3rd mini-workshop on ILE on the late afternoon of 24 October 2017 to review the progress on ILE standardization and recognized needs for the future workshop to continue exchange of information. The group plans to hold one interim meeting before the next SG16 meeting and has prepared four outgoing LSs​.

Question 11/16 summary

Question 11/16 had a successful meeting and worked on progressing the revisions of H.323, H.248.77 and the H.248-series IG.  Q11/16 reviewed text for an amendment to the common text ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1 as well as several items in the plan for future work. Q11/16 proposed one Recommendation and one amendment for Consent. The Question does not plan to hold any interim Rapporteurs meeting.​​

Question 13/16 summary

Question 13/16 progressed the work on six draft new Recommendations: ITU-T H.IPTV-EUIF.1, ITU-T H.IPTV-SBM, ITU-T H.IPTV-TDES.5, ITU-T H.IPTV-TDES.6, ITU-T H.IPTV-MAFR.13 and ITU-T H.IPTV-MAFR.14. The Question agreed to start a new work item: HSTP.IPTV-Guide.2 "IPTV service parameters for new IPTV service providers". Q13/16 completed work on Recommendations ITU-T H.763.3 (ex H.IPTV-MAFR.13, for HTML for IPTV) and ITU-T H.724 (ex H.IPTV-TDES.5, on interworking-enabled model of multiple IPTV terminal devices), and on Technical Paper ITU-T HSTP.IPTV-Guide.1 on IPTV service deployment scenarios in high-speed broadband era. Q13/16 endorsed the changes proposed by ITU-R WP6B to the IRG-IBB ToRs. The group plans to hold one interim meeting jointly with other SG16 Questions before the next SG16 meeting, and prepared eight outgoing Liaison Statements..

Question 14/16 summary

Question 14/16 received nine contributions regarding the draft new Recommendations H.DS-AM, H.DS-DCI, H.DS-PISR and H.DS-META, and reviewed and discussed them at the meeting. Q14/16 finalized the work on ITU-T Rec. H.782 (ex H.DS-META) on metadata specifications for general digital signage services. Q14/16 is planning to hold two sets of electronic meetings in March and May 2018. The Question did not prepare any outgoing LSs.

Question 21/16 summary

Question 21/16 met for fourteen sessions during this meeting. The group made progress in the work on seventeen existing work items based on 39 contributions. Three draft new Recommendations were proposed for Consent at this meeting. The Question agreed to start three new work items: ITU-T F.NG-CDN, ITU-T H.FRAVSReqs, and ITU-T H.CDN-PMTM.

​Question 24/16 Summary

Question 24/16 met for two sessions with a joint session with Q21/16 and Q26/16. There were three contributions received and discussed. Work items on E.FAST was discussed and updated based on discussion results. Question 24 agreed to send a liaison statement regarding E.FAST to ASTAP EG-MA and ISO JTC1/SC35. The liaison statement to ISO JTC1/SC35 is agreed to send jointly with Q21/16.

Question 26/16 summary

Question 26/16 received ten contributions. The group decided not to propose any document for Consent or Approval at this meeting. The group agreed to initiate six new work items at this meeting and progressed the work of several of its work items. The group supported the idea for stronger collaboration with ISO/IEC JTC1 SC35 "User Interfaces" and plans on participating in a joint information session planned for the week of 12-16 February 2018; further, three of the work items created at this meeting refer to specifications developed by SC35 that will be reviewed in detail for possible publication as twin texts. Q26/16 also plans to submit F.Relay for Consent at the WP2/16 Plenary planned for 16 February 2018. Q26/16 generated 11 output documents, including four outgoing liaison statements.​

Question 27/16 summary

Q27/16 received ten contributions that were discussed at the meeting related to draft new Recommendations F.AUTO-TAX, H.VGP-ARCH and G.V2A. Additionally, one contribution to QALL (SG16-C232-R1) was discussed. Q27/16 readied for Consent draft new ITU-T H.550 (ex H.VGP-ARCH) and H.560 (ex G.V2A), on architecture and communications interfaces for vehicle gateway platforms. The baseline text for F.AUTO-TAX was updated. Q27/16 received five incoming liaison statements and draft four reply LSs. Q27/16 plans one Rapporteur meeting in February or early March 2018 after the CITS meeting.​​

Question 28/16 summary

Question 28/16 reviewed 23 contributions. It completed the work on eight revised Recommendations for the new edition for the Continua Design Guidelines of the H.810 series (CDG 2017, "Keratin") and four corrigenda to the H.810 (2016) "Iris" series of conformance testing specifications (H.830.5, H.830.6, H.845.10, H.845.16). Draft new ITU-T H.861.0 (ex H.MBI-PF) on requirements on a communication platform for multimedia brain information was also Consented. Two revised technical papers were completed with an overview of the H.810-series (ITU-T HSTP-H810 and HSTP.H810-XCHF), as was new ITU-T HSTP-H812-FHIR that provides specifications for trial implementation for FHIR observation upload. Q28/16 prepared five outgoing liaison statements to continue cooperation and coordination of our work with other organizations. Q28/16 plans a meeting on F.SLD on 9 February 2018, following a meeting in WHO of the Safe Listening Initiative on 7 and 8 Feb 2018. The Question plans on meeting at the following week to discuss other work items, in particular to propose H.MBI-BHQ and F.MEB-UHD for Consent at the WP2/16 Plenary planned 16 February 2018.​.

Recommendations Consented by SG16 on the closing Plenary​

​​​Title​​ Doc.*​ AAP/L​​C**
​ITU-T F.746.5 (ex H.LLS-FW) "Framework for language learning system based on speech/NLP technology" (New) TD154-R1/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T F.746.6 (ex F.NRICNReqs) "Requirements for a name resolution service in information-centric networks" (New) TD159/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T G.722.2 Annex C "Wideband coding of speech at around 16 kbit/s using Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB) Annex C: Fixed-point C-code" (Rev) TD144/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T G.722.2 Annex D "Wideband coding of speech at around 16 kbit/s using Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB): Digital test sequences" (Rev) TD145/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T H.222.0 (2017) | ISO/IEC 13818-1:2017 Amd.1 "Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Systems: Ultra-low latency and 4K and higher resolution support for transport of JPEG 2000 video" (New) TD147/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T H.248.77 "Gateway control protocol: Secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP) package and procedures" (Rev.) TD150/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T H.265 (V5) "H.265 high efficiency video coding" (Rev.)* TD129/PlenAAP-27*
ITU-T H.550 (ex H.VGP-ARCH) "Architecture and functional entities of vehicle gateway platforms" (New) TD148-R1/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T H.560 (ex G.V2A) "Communications interface between external applications and a Vehicle Gateway Platform" (New) TD149/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T H.626.2 (ex H.CSVSArch) "Architecture for cloud storage in visual surveillance" (New) TD157/PlenAAP-10
ITU-T H.724 (ex H.IPTV-TDES.5) "IPTV Terminal Device: Interworking-enabled model of multiple devices" (New) TD127-R1/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T H.763.3 (ex H.IPTV-MAFR.13) "HTML for IPTV services" (New) TD126/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T H.782 (ex H.DS-META) "Digital signage: Metadata" (New) TD152-R1/PlenAAP-24
ITU-T H.810 "Interoperability design guidelines for personal connected health systems: Introduction" (Rev.) TD115/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.811 "Interoperability design guidelines for personal connected health systems: Personal Health Devices interface" (Rev.) TD116/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.812 "Interoperability design guidelines for personal connected health systems: Services interface" (Rev.) TD117/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.812.1 "Interoperability design guidelines for personal connected health systems: Services interface: Observation upload capability" (Rev.) TD118/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.812.2 "Interoperability design guidelines for personal connected health systems: Services interface: Questionnaire capability" (Rev.) TD119/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.812.3 "Interoperability design guidelines for personal connected health systems: Services interface: Capability Exchange Capability" (Rev.) TD120/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.812.4 "Interoperability design guidelines for personal connected health systems: Services interface: Authenticated persistent session capability" (Rev.) TD121/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.813 "Interoperability design guidelines for personal connected health systems: Healthcare Information System interface" (Rev.) TD122/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.830.5 (2017) Cor.1 "Conformance of ITU-T H.810 personal health system: Services interface Part 5: PCD-01 HL7 Messages: Health & Fitness Service sender: Alignment with CDG2016 (Iris)" (New) TD111/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.830.6 (2017) Cor.1 "Conformance of ITU-T H.810 personal health system: Services interface Part 6: PCD-01 HL7 Messages: Health & Fitness Service receiver: Alignment with CDG2016 (Iris)" (New) TD112/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.845.10 (2017) Cor.1 "Conformance of ITU-T H.810 personal health system: Personal Health Devices interface Part 5I: Insulin pump: Alignment with CDG2016 (Iris)" TD113/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.845.16 (2017) Cor.1 "Conformance of ITU-T H.810 personal health system: Personal Health Devices interface Part 5P: Continuous glucose monitor: Alignment with Iris" (New) TD114/PlenAAP-23
ITU-T H.861.0 (ex H.MBI-PF) "Requirements on communication platform for multimedia brain information" (New) TD158/PlenAAP-24
*: some texts are subject to editorial clean-up before posting. Hence, the version posted may differ from the TD indicated. These texts are planned to start Last Call about eight weeks after the SG16 meeting​.
**: expected AAP Announcement for Last Call.

Recommendations Approved by SG16 on the closing Plenary (according to A.8 §5)

None at this meeting.

Recommendations Decided by SG16 on the closing Plenary

None at this meeting.

Other texts approved by SG16

Supplements (1) Doc.
ITU-T H.Sup18 (ex HSTP.HDR.WCG) "Signalling, backward compatibility, and display adaptation for HDR/WCG video" (New) TD142/Plen

Implementors Guides (2) Doc.
ITU-T H.248.x-IG "H.248 Sub-series Implementors' Guide" (Rev.)
ITU-T G.729-IG Implementers' Guide for ITU-T G.729 "Coding of speech at 8 kbit/s using conjugate-structure algebraic-code-excited linear prediction (CS-ACELP)" (New) TD146/Plen​​
Technical Papers (4)Doc.
​ITU-T HSTP.IPTV-Guide.1 "IPTV service deployment scenarios in high-speed broadband era" (New) TD12​​8/Plen
ITU-T HSTP-H810 "Introduction to the ITU-T H.810 Continua Design Guidelines" (Rev.) TD123/Plen
ITU-T HSTP-H810-XCHF "Fundamentals of data exchange within ITU-T H.810 Continua Design Guideline architecture" (Rev.) TD124/Plen
ITU-T HSTP-H812-FHIR "Interoperability design guidelines for personal connected health systems: Services interface: FHIR observation upload for trial implementation" (New) TD125/​Plen


Other materials​​​ (1)Doc.
​Terms of Reference for Future Video Coding and Call for Proposals on Video Compression with Capability beyond HEVCTD155/Plen

* NOTE - No Appendices or Technical Reports were approved at this SG16 meeting.

Recommendations agreed for deletion by SG16

None at this meeting.

Updates in the SG16 management team and Rapporteurs

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Resignations and departures:

New Appointments:

Representatives and other roles:

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