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Executive Summary of the ITU-T Study Group 16 Meeting
(Geneva, 12-23 October 2015)

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Major accomplishments

Eight collocated activities:

Dates of next SG16 meeting and interim Working Party meetings

Map of meeting reports & Liaison Statements (as seen by the SG16 Plenary)

  Plen WP1 WP2 WP3
Meeting Report Q20: TD 400r1/Plen
Joint SG9,16: ‑
JWP: TD 399/Plen
JCA-IPTV: TD 398/Plen
TD 401/Plen
TD 402r1/Plen
TD 403r1/Plen
Liaison Statements
(33 in total)
Q20: TD 404r1/Plen (2)
PLEN: TD 455r2/Plen (1)
TD 405r1/Plen (3) TD 406r1/Plen (23) TD 407r1/Plen (4)
Work programme- TD 408/Plen
TD 409/Plen TD 410/Plen
​Questions Q20: TD 358/Plen (§5.13) TD 452/Plen TD 453/Plen TD 454/Plen


Summary of Questions' Results

Question 1/16 summary

Question 1/16 had a successful meeting and reviewed some input documents pertaining to the common text ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1, motorized conferencing and H.265 signalling. Q1/16 proposed one corrigendum and two amendments for Consent of ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1. In preparations for WTSA-16, Q1/16 plans on merging with Questions 2/16, 3/16, and 5/16. The Question does not plan on holding any interim Rapporteurs meeting and did not prepare any outgoing liaison statements.

Question 2/16 summary

Question 2/16 had a successful meeting in making progress on revisions to H.323, H.225.0, H.245, and H.235.10 (ex H.235.DTLS) in support of the work on telepresence. The documents are now considered stable, but are awaiting completion of work on several IETF RFC dependencies before they can be Consented. The Question also took action during this meeting to remove a number of work items that are no longer receiving contributions. The Question met jointly with other Questions in WP1/16 to agree on Question text for the proposed merger of Q1/16, Q2/16, Q3/16, and Q5/16 during the next study period. Finally, the Question put one document forward for Consent at this meeting. No interim meetings are planned and the Question did not prepare any outgoing liaison statements.

Question 3/16 summary

Question 3/16 met for eight quarters to review some 89 documents. Q3/16 continued work on a number of existing work items which has resulted in nine Recommendations for Consent and four items for approval. This includes new Recommendations: H.248.66 on RTSP and H.248 interworking, H.248.74 on MRCP and H.248 interworking, H.248.94 on WebRTC, H.248.95 on RTP multiplexing, H.248.96 on stream grouping, H.248.97 on SCTP and H.248.98 on pause and resume. It also includes revised Recommendations: H.248.41 on additional IP domains and H.248.78 on XMPP/MSRP interworking. Three revised Supplements are proposed for approval: H.Sup.2 Packages guide, H.Supp.13 on H.248 terminology and H.Sup.14 on SDP codepoints for gateway control and new H.248.x Sub-series implementors' guide. One new work item was initiated, revised H.248.78. No interim meetings are planned and the Question did not prepare any outgoing liaison statements. The Question may organize an e-meeting to progress some work items.

Question 5/16 summary

Question 5/16 had a successful meeting, and progressed work on the two work items. Eight contributions on audio/video parameters and signalling were presented and discussed. Three related contributions submitted to Q2/16 were discussed in joint Q2/16 and Q5/16 sessions. Updated baseline text for H.TPS-AV and H.TPS-SIG was prepared and accepted. Both H.TPS-AV and H.TPS-SIG are ready for consent as soon as the IETF drafts referenced in these work items are published. One input liaison statement was reviewed, and no output liaison statements were prepared. The Question is not planning on holding an interim Rapporteur meeting.

Question 6/16 summary

The primary goals for Question 6/16 at this meeting of SG16 were to review the progress of Q6/16, JCT-VC, JCT-3V, and JPEG work. The Question reached AAP Consent on revised Recs. H.264 (V10), H.264.1 (V6), H.264.2 (V6), H.265.2 (V2) and T.800 (V2). A substantial portion of the image coding work of Question 6/16 has been conducted jointly with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 1 (JPEG/JBIG). A substantial portion of the video coding work of Question 6/16 is currently being conducted jointly with ISO/IEC JTC 1/‌SC 29/‌WG 11 (MPEG) in two organizations, known as the Joint Collaborative Team (JCT) on Video Coding (JCT-VC) and the Joint Collaborative Team (JCT) on 3D Video Coding (JCT-3V). Meetings of the JCT-VC and JCT-3V were held in a collocated fashion with this meeting of SG16 under its auspices. The JCT-VC is tasked with development of extensions to High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). The JCT-3V is tasked with development of 3D video coding extensions. A meeting of MPEG was also held in a nearby hotel during the current meeting of SG 16. At this meeting the amount of activity in Q6/16 on exploration studies toward next-generation video coding with capabilities beyond HEVC continued to grow substantially, and a new agreement was reached to collaborate with MPEG on these studies in an informal Joint Video Exploration Team (JVET). Q6/16 is planning to hold one Rapporteur meeting, one JCT-VC meeting, and one JCT-3V meeting before the next SG16 meeting in June 2016 and also to hold a meeting of the JCT-VC and of the JCT-3V in a collocated fashion with the next SG16 meeting in June 2016 under its auspices. The Question prepared five outgoing Liaison Statements. A proposed revision of the text description for Question 6/16 was also produced for consideration for the next study period, including a merging of some responsibilities formerly in the domain of Question 7/16.

Question 7/16 summary

Q7/16 which addresses mainly coordination aspects of media coding did not receive any contributions and no sessions were held during the SG16 meeting.

Question 10/16 summary

Question 10/16 reviewed the texts on ITU-T G.191 “Software tools for speech and audio coding standardization” and decided to move the target Consent date until the next SG16 meeting in May 2016. The texts on super wideband extension to G.718, super wideband extension to ITU-T G.729.1 and G.722 encoded-domain time-scaling were reviewed and decided to remove the work items related to these texts from the SG16 work programme due to a lack of Contributions. For the next Study Period the future of Q10/16 was discussed and it was proposed to merge Q10/16, Q7/16, Q15/16 and Q18/16 into one Question. This first draft proposal will be sent to the next TSAG meeting for information. No outgoing liaison was prepared and Q10/16 is not planning on holding any Rapporteur meetings before the next SG 16 meeting.

Question 13/16 summary

Question 13/16 experts met in the context of IPTV-GSI event. Q13/16 progressed the work on eight draft new Recommendations: ITU-T H.IPTV-CPI; H.IPTV-ACC and H.IPTV-ACCProf (jointly with Q26/16); H.IPTV-EUIF; H.IPTV-TDES.4; H.IPTV-TDES.5; H.IPTV-TDD; H.IPTV-MAFR.10 and the text of one draft Technical Paper: ITU-T HSTP.IPTV-SMTD. The Question prepared 11 outgoing Liaison Statements. The group agreed to submit two draft new Recommendations for Consent at this meeting: ITU-T H.IPTV-TDD; ITU-T H.IPTV-CPI. The group plans to hold a meeting during the next SG16 meeting in May 2016 and an interim meeting as part of the next IPTV-GSI meeting.

Question 14/16 summary

Question 14/16 had a meeting in the context of IPTV-GSI event in Geneva, 12-16 October 2015. The highlight of this meeting is the Question's discussions on web-based digital signage and cloud technologies for digital signage services. Especially on the web-based digital signage, the Question intends to have a close contact with W3C. The Question also discussed its terms of reference for the next study period. Q14/16 revised four draft new Recommendations: H.DS-AM, H.DS-CASF, H.DS-META, H.DS-PISR, and two draft Technical Papers: HSTP.DS-WDS, HSTP.DS-Gloss. The group plans to hold one interim meeting before the next SG16 meeting within the context of the IPTV-GSI event in Feb-Mar 2016 time frame.

Question 15/16 summary

A revision of Rec. T.38 "Procedures for real-time Group 3 facsimile communication over IP networks" was prepared, consolidating a proposal made at this meeting with material from an earlier Implementer's Guide, an Amendment, and an Erratum. This revision is proposed for consent. A corrigendum to Rec. T.24 "Standardized digitized image set" was prepared, to address an error in a table giving the file sizes on an accompanying CD-ROM. This corrigendum is proposed for consent. Experts also agreed to propose that Rec. T.24 (1998) Amd. 1 (2000) be withdrawn, since the material is not available. It was agreed that Q15/16 should be merged with Q7/16, Q10/16 and Q18/16 for the next Study Period. The Question did not prepare any outgoing LS and is not planning any interim rapporteur group meeting.

Question 18/16 summary

At this meeting, Question 18/16 advanced the work on revised ITU-T G.161 "Interaction aspects of signal processing network equipment", revised ITU-T G.799.1 "Functionality and interface specifications for GSTN transport network equipment for interconnecting GSTN and IP networks", revised ITU-T G.799.2 "Mechanism for Dynamic Coordination of Voice Enhancement Signal Processing Functions" and revised ITU-T G.799.3 "Signal processing functionality and performance of an IP-to-IP voice gateway optimised for the transport of voice and voiceband data". The target Consent date for these documents were delayed until the next SG16 meeting in May 2016. For the next Study Period the future of Q18/16 was discussed and it was proposed to merge Q18/16, Q7/16, Q10/16 and Q15/16 into one Question. This first draft proposal will be sent to the next TSAG meeting for information. No outgoing liaison was prepared and no interim meetings are planned.

Question 20/16 Summary

Q20/16 met in two sessions, under the acting chairmanship of Mr Paul Coverdale (Huawei Technologies). Three incoming liaisons directed at Q20/16 were reviewed: one was handled by Q20/16; one was passed to Q13/16 for their attention; one was deemed not to require a reply. A further six incoming liaisons of a general nature were reviewed: one was handled by Q20/16; the others were allocated to other SG16 Questions for their attention. COM16-C.935R1 (MICT, Indonesia) containing a proposal for coordination of standardization and notification could not reviewed due to absence of a presenter.

Question 21/16 summary

Question 21/16 met for six quarters during this meeting. The Question continued the work on existing work items with 27 contributions which were reviewed and accepted. Work items F.VCDN-Reqs, H.IVSArch, F.EMSarch, F.VSSIReqs, F.CSVSReqs, H.VHN, F.CCNMMS, H.IQA and F.MAFFReqs were updated based on discussion results. The Question produced two draft new Recommendations, F.746.3 (ex H.IQAS) and H.622.2 (ex H.VHN), which were submitted for Consent. Question 21/16 also agreed to start five new work items. There were three outgoing LSs prepared by the Question. No interim meetings are planned. Lastly, Q21/16 also updated the Question text upon discussions in preparation for the next study period.

Question 25/16 summary

Question 25/16 discussed 25 Contributions and five liaison statements. During the meeting, Q25/16 agreed to submit five draft new Recommendations for Consent at the SG16 Closing Plenary: ITU-T H.623, F.747, F.748.5, F.748.2, and F.748.3. Q25/16 also made progress the work on two ongoing draft new Recommendations and agreed to discontinue the work on F.IoT-PCF. At the meeting, Q25/16 produced nine output documents including the meeting report, one outgoing LS, seven revised texts of ongoing draft new Recommendations. This was the final meeting of Q25/16 within SG16 since the work is being transferred to new ITU-T SG20 under new Q4/20. Accordingly, the remaining active work items in Q25/16 will be transferred to SG20. Also, Interim Rapporteur meetings will be organized under ITU-T SG20.

Question 26/16 summary

Question 26/16 progressed the work on F.ACC-TERM, H.IPTV-ACCProf, FSTP.AM and HSTP.RemPart as well as F.Relay and HSTP.UMAA. It agreed to restructure the F.Relay and will continue to work intensively on it. The group agreed to propose F.ACC-TERM and H.IPTV-ACCProf for Consent as F.791 and H.702, respectively, as well as to propose FSTP.AM and FSTP.RemPart (ex HSTP.RemPart) for Approval. It also joined the Intersector Rapporteur Group on Media Accessibility (IRG-AVA) meeting on 20 Oct. 2015. It produced five liaison statements on the complete work on Terminology and Accessible Meetings as well as IPTV Accessibility Profiles.

Question 27/16 summary

Question 27/16 reviewed and discussed 10 contributions submitted for draft new ITU-T Recommendations F.VGP-REQ, H.VGP-ARCH, G.V2A, and F.AUTO-TAX. H.VG-FAM "Functional requirements for vehicle gateway" was revised and it was put forward for Consent at this meeting as ITU-T F.749.1. Q27/16 also revised the text for F.VGP-REQ, H.VGP-ARCH, G.V2A, and F.AUTO-TAX based on the contributions. There were four incoming liaison statements. It was agreed to send a reply LS to SG17 on ITS security, in particular, with respect to the definition of vehicle mobile gateway. Q27/16 plans to hold a Rapporteur meeting before the next SG16 meeting.

Question 28/16 summary

Question 28/16 progressed the work on H.810 subseries (Continua design guidelines) and produced 14 new Recommendations for Consent, consisting of the 2nd edition of H.810 (split into eight parts: H.810, H.811, H.812, H.812.1, H.812.2, H.812.3, H.812.4, H.813) that mirrors the 2015 Continua Design Guidelines ("Genome"), and five new conformance testing procedures for new WAN interfaces and a device specialization (apnoea breathing equipment). It also proposed for Approval the draft new Technical Paper H810-XCHF on fundamentals of data exchange for the H.810 Continua Design Guidelines. Q28/16 also progressed the work on the framework Recommendation for in-flight precautionary health monitoring, which was previously called e-health application for on-flight and post-flight virtual quarantine. We agreed to create two new work items: one on multimedia brain information platform, the other on guidelines for and requirements on safe listening devices, which is a result of the joint consultation with WHO. Question 28/16 also agreed, on WHO's request, to coordinate the work on the development of communication standards for an in-vitro diagnostics platform. Q28/16 prepared four outgoing LSs and plans one interim Rapporteurs meeting.

Recommendations Consented by SG16 on the closing Plenary

Title Doc.* AAP/LC**
ITU-T F.746.3 (ex H.IQAS) "Intelligent question answering service framework" (New) TD 428R3/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T F.747.8 (ex F.IoT-ASM) "Requirements and reference architecture for audience-selectable media service framework in the IoT environment" (New) TD 438R1/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T F.748.2 (ex F.MS-ref ) "Overview and reference model of machine socialization" (New) TD 435/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T F.748.3 (ex F.MS-RM) "Relation management models and descriptions for machine socializations" (New) TD 436R1/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T F.748.5 (ex F.M2M-RA) "Requirements and reference architecture of M2M service layer" (New) TD 386/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T F.749.1 (ex H.VG-FAM, ex H.VGP-FAM) "Functional requirements for vehicle gateway" (New) TD 456/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T F.791 (ex F.ACC-TERM) "Accessibility terms and definitions" (New) TD 449/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.222.0 (10/2014)/Amd.1 (2015)/Cor.1 | ISO/IEC 13818-1:2015/Amd.1:2015/Cor.1 "Information technology – Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Systems: Delivery of Timeline for External Data: Adding cets_byte_range_descriptor to table U-2" (New) TD 392/PlenAAP-69
ITU-T H.222.0 (2014) | ISO/IEC 13818-2:2015 (201x) Amd.2 "Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Systems: Carriage of Layered HEVC" (New) TD 393/PlenAAP-69
ITU-T H.222.0 (2014) | ISO/IEC 13818-2:2015 (201x) Amd.3 "Information technology – Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Systems: Carriage of Green Metadata in MPEG-2 Systems" (New) TD 394/PlenAAP-69
ITU-T H.248.41 "Gateway control protocol: IP domain connection package" (Rev.) TD 421/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.248.66 (ex H.248.RTSP) "Packages for RTSP and H.248 interworking" (New) TD 420/Plen***
ITU-T H.248.74 (ex H.248.MRCP) "Media resource control enhancement packages" (New) TD 422/Plen***
ITU-T H.248.78 "Gateway control protocol: Bearer-level message backhauling and application level gateway" (Rev.) TD 423/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.248.94 (ex H.248.WEBRTC) "Gateway control protocol: Web-based real-time communication services - H.248 protocol support and profile guidelines" (New) TD 427/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.248.95 (ex H.248.RTPMUX) "Gateway Control Protocol: H.248 support for RTP multiplexing" (New) TD 424/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.248.96 (ex H.248.STGROUP) "Gateway Control Protocol: H.248 Stream grouping and aggregation" (New) TD 425R1/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.248.97 (ex H.248.SCTP) "Gateway control protocol: H.248 support for control of SCTP bearer connections" (New) TD 442/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.248.98 (ex H.248.PAURES) "Gateway control protocol: Support of remote media pause and resume" (New) TD 426/Plen***
ITU-T H.264 (V10) "H.264 Advanced video coding" (Rev.) TD 429/PlenAAP-72
ITU-T H.264.1 (V6) "Conformance for ITU-T H.264 advanced video coding" (Rev.) TD 430/PlenAAP-72
ITU-T H.264.2 (V6) "Reference software for ITU-T H.264 advanced video coding" (Rev) TD 431/PlenAAP-72
ITU-T H.265.2 (V2) "Reference software for ITU-T H.265 high efficiency video coding" (Rev.) TD 432/PlenAAP-72
ITU-T H.460.27 (ex H.460.SessionID) "End-to-end session identifier for H.323 systems" (New) TD 371/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.622.2 (ex H.VHN) "Service capabilities and framework for virtual home networks" (New) TD 437R1/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.623 (ex H.WoT-SA) "Web of things service architecture" (New) TD 433/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.702 (ex H.IPTV-AccProf) "Accessibility profiles for IPTV systems" (New) TD 444/PlenAAP-68
​ITU-T H.752 (ex H.IPTV-CPI) "Multimedia content provisioning interface for IPTV services" (New)TD 388r1/Plen​AAP-68
​ITU-T H.772 (ex H.IPTV-TDD) "IPTV terminal device discovery" (New)TD 389r1/Plen​AAP-68
ITU-T H.810 "Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems" (Rev.) TD 372R1/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.811 (ex H.81x-TPL-IF) "Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems: PAN/LAN/TAN interface" (New) TD 379/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.812 (H.81x-WAN-IF) "Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems: WAN interface: Common certified device class" (New) TD 373/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.812.1 (ex H.81x-WAN-IF.1) "Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems: WAN interface: Observation upload certified device class" (New) TD 374/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.812.2 (ex H.81x-WAN-IF.2) "Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems: WAN interface: Questionnaires" (New) TD 375/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.812.3 (ex H.81x-WAN-IF.3) "Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems: WAN interface: Capability exchange certified device class" (New) TD 376/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.812.4 (ex H.81x-WAN-IF.4) "Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems: WAN interface: Authenticated persistent session device class" (New) TD 377/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.813 (ex H.81x-HRN-IF) "Interoperability design guidelines for personal health systems: Health record network (HRN) interface" (New) TD 378/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.830.9 (ex H.EH-WAN-9) "Conformance testing: WAN interface Part 9: hData observation upload: Sender" (New) TD 380/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.830.10 (ex H.EH-WAN-10) "Conformance testing: WAN interface Part 10: hData observation upload: Receiver" (New) TD 381/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.830.11 (ex H.EH-WAN-11) "Conformance testing: WAN interface Part 11: Questionnaires: Sender" (New) TD 382/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.830.12 (ex H.EH-WAN-12) "Conformance testing: WAN interface Part 12: Questionnaires: Receiver" (New) TD 383/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T H.845.15 (ex H.EH-PAN-05.15) "Conformance testing: PAN/LAN/TAN interface Part 5O: Sleep apnoea breathing therapy equipment: Agent" (New) TD 384/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T T.24 (06/98) Cor.1 "Standardized digitized image set: Clarifications in Table 1" (New) TD 439/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T T.38 "Procedures for real-time Group 3 facsimile communication over IP networks" (Rev) TD 440/PlenAAP-68
ITU-T T.800 | ISO/IEC 15444-1 2nd edition "Information technology - JPEG 2000 image coding system: Core coding system" (Rev.) TD 443/PlenAAP-68
*: some texts are subject to editorial clean-up before posting. Hence, the version posted may differ from the TD indicated. These texts are planned to start Last Call about eight weeks after the SG16 meeting (AAP-72).
**: expected AAP Announcement for Last Call
***: ITU-T H.248.66 and H.248.98 are on hold waiting publication of respective RFCs (currently in RFC Editor's queue). ITU-T H.248.74 has a dependency on H.248.66.

Recommendations Approved by SG16 on the closing Plenary (according to A.8 §5)

None at this meeting.

Recommendations Decided by SG16 on the closing Plenary

None at this meeting.

Other texts approved by SG16

Technical Papers Doc.
ITU-T H.Sup2: "H.248.x sub-series packages guide - Release 16" (Rev.) TD 413/Plen
ITU-T H.Sup13 "Gateway control protocol: Common ITU-T H.248 terminology - Release 2" (Rev.) TD 395/Plen
ITU-T H.Sup14 "Gateway control protocol: SDP codepoints for gateway control - Release 2" (Rev.) TD 396/Plen


Implementors Guides Doc.
ITU-T H.248.x-IG "ITU-T H.248 Sub-series Implementors' Guide" (New) TD 412/Plen


Technical Papers Doc.
ITU-T FSTP-AM "Guidelines for accessible meetings" (New) TD 450/Plen
ITU-T FSTP-ACC-REMPART "Guidelines for supporting remote participation in meetings for all" (New) TD 451/Plen
ITU-T HSTP-H810-XCHF "Fundamentals of data exchange within ITU-T H.810 Continua Design Guideline architecture" (New) TD 385/Plen

* NOTE - No Appendices, Technical Reports or other materials were approved at this SG16 meeting.

Recommendations agreed for deletion by SG16

Description Reason
T.24 (1998) Amd.1 (2000)Text cannot be published due to unavailability of the necessary test images that are the essential part of this Amendment. The original images medium was found corrupted and the authors did not keep a safety copy, henceforth the amendment could not be published.


Updates in the SG16 management team and Rapporteurs

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New Appointments:

Representatives and other roles:

Open positions:

* NOTE - Mr Seong-Ho Jeong will kindly perform as Rapporteur a.i. till May 2016 for Q27/16.