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CoE Steering Committee


​1st ITU Europe CoE Steering Committe Meeting (11 February, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Following the launch of the new strategy for the ITU Centres of Excellence (CoE), the selection process for the EUR CoEs has been completed. The new strategy envisages a governance structure to oversee the functioning of the CoEs composed of the Steering Committee and the ITU. The main responsibility of the Steering Committee is to provide recommendations to ITU concerning the CoEs operations and ways of improving the performance. The details of the roles and responsibilities are provided in the Operational Processes and Procedures Document .

The 1st EUR CoE SC Meeting is expected to take key strategic decisions aimed at implementation of the approved Operational Processes and Procedures. Some of the key issues include the strategic direction of the ITU Europe CoE 2015 onwards, induction of partners, constitution of the Steering Committee, the timetable of annual activities for 2015, development of content, quality assurance processes, promotion plan, pricing strategies and financial procedures, new partnership opportunities amongst others.

According to the Operational Processes and Procedures Document, the Steering Committee is composed of Member States and/or Sector Members from the countries represented by the CoEs in each region, two regional representatives of GCBI, ITU and two additional representatives from the regional Member States chosen by ITU based on their request.


​Mr. Jaroslaw Ponder
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Organizer and Host


Organizer: International Telecommunication Union


Host of the Meeting: European Communications Office


Venue of the Meeting: ECO, Nyropsgade 37, 4th floor
1602 Copenhagen, Denmark, Tel: +45 33 89 63 00 (09.30 - 15.00 CET), Fax: +45 33 89 63 30