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ITU-D Members and Partners

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The Telecommunication Development Sector (ITU-D) provides a platform for its Members and Partners to engage and collaborate with
the aim of making 
digital transformation play a catalytic role in helping the world achieve the United Nations adopted
Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 
Members have the opportunity to influence the decisions that impact their business. Partners have the opportunity to participate in our high-impact projects through co-financing. Our Members can be Partners, and our non-Member
Partners are welcome to join as Members. 

​Together, we can touch and impact people's lives.



Sector Members - Associates - Academia​

For companies/

For companies/

For ​Academic Institutions

​​​​Participate in all
ITU-D activities, such as conferences,
industry groupsTech Talks, study groups, etc.
Take part in the work of one of the study groups and other
ITU-D activities.​

Participate in all activities of the three ITU Sectors.​
The information package for Academia is available here.​ 

​*Sector Members can also be part of the Industry Advisory Group on Development Issues and Chief Regulatory Officers meeting (IAGDI-CRO)​.

​SMEs benefit from​​ reduced fees to participate as an associate in a study group from January 2020.​​​


List of Partners​

Through partnerships, we aim to connect and to bring
technologies to the peop​le in every area and every walk of life, turning the digital revolution into a development revolution.

Under the umbrella of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 

we work closely with partners to leverage the impact of ICTs towards developing countries through projects co-financing arrangements
with our partners.

We have a long standing experience working with partners from the
public and private sector, international and UN organizations,
development banks, foundations as well as the academic and
scientific communities. ​

Our work is made possible t​hanks to the support of our partners.​

See benefits​ Impacting People's Life​


​Capacity ​development
​Digital Inclusion
​Digital Innovation Ecosystems
​Digital Services
& Applications

​Emergency Telecommun-

​Network & Digital
​Policy & Regulation

​Note: The information presented in the box is drawn automatically from a database in the English language and is subject to constant updates. For that reason, the text is provided in English only. Please cons​​ult the ITU secretariat at​ for additional information on our recent partnerships.​​