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AI4Health Focus Group

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Aimed at leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to advance well-being and quality health care for all, the ITU Focus Group on AI for Health brings together specialists to develop a benchmarking framework for international standards and steer the creation of policies to ensure the safe, appropriate use of AI in the health sector and identify use cases that can be brought to a global scale.

AI-powered health data analytics can enhance medical diagnostics and improve decision-making about treatment options and health interventions. With over 1.3 billion people owning a smart phone, AI based solutions can bring diagnostics to people with limited or no access to medical care, free up capacities of health professionals to focus on critical cases, or help save lives in emergencies through allowing patients to be diagnosed even before they arrive in hospitals to be treated.

Open to all interested parties, the ITU Focus Group for AI 4 Health is a collaborative initiative between WHO and ITU, that reports to the ITU Standardization Sector Study Group 16 for Multimedia​.

Among central tasks of the group are the development of assessment frameworks regarding AI based data analytics for the interpretation of laboratory results and medical imagery, as well as the extraction of diagnostically relevant information from complex sensor streams and text, which further includes how to standardize evaluation and validation of AI algorithms, including the training of algorithms through identification of structured and normalized data sets.

For more information on the focus group and how to participate visit the dedicated focus group on AI4H subsite​, or contact us via email at, or the secretariat of ITU-T Study Group 16 at

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​Link to parent group: ITU-T Study Group 16 for Multimedia​​​