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​This publication on big data for agriculture is the fourth in the E-agriculture in Action series of publication. With the growth of technology including the impending introduction of 5G networks, which will support a huge sensor network infrastructure, data driven agriculture and the challenges of extracting meaningful insights from various data streams to influence policy decision and/or provide actionable advisories for agriculture stakeholders are gaining prominence. This publication tries to shed some light on how various organizations address these challenges. More... | Dow​​nload​​​​​​​


​​This document, which is intended for national TB control programmes and organizations responsible for delivering TB control, provides guidance on developing and implementing an mTB-Tobacco programme. The primary focus of the short message service (SMS) content provided here is to inform TB patients who are tobacco users about the hazards of tobacco use and encourage them to quit through text messages for behaviour change. More... | Download​​​

ICT applications, BHBMEnglish5/23/2019

​This paper sets out an SDG Digital Investment Framework which is intended to be the start of a new dialogue with the digital investment community, building on the global Call to Action 1 presented at the UN General Assembly in 2018. It encourages a whole-of-government approach and sets out to help governments address key strategic investment questions and choose effective, scalable technology-based solutions - and in particular help them to consider using ICT Building Blocks for economies of scale and maximum return on investment. More... | Dow​nload​​​​​​​​

ICT applicationsEnglish4/10/2019

​This publication aims to demystify the technology, provide some thoughts on the opportunities and challenges in implementing blockchain-based systems as well as document some case studies on the use of blockchain for agriculture. M​ore... | Dow​​nload​​​

ICT applications, e-Agriculture1/25/2019
​The Digital Identity Roadmap Guide is a comprehensive set of guidelines for identifying the main aspects that need to be addressed during the design, development and implementation of a National Digital Identity Framework. It is the result of a deeply collaborative multi-stakeholder effort aimed at strengthening the knowledge and expertise of professionals and policy makers working in the field digital identity and, more generally, the digitization of government services.

The guide describes the overarching principles that lay the foundations for designing, developing and implementing a National Digital Identity Framework. It also outlines four critical Focus Areas, it lists the main critical success factors and the conflicting principles national leaders and policy makers should be aware of in making certain design decisions, and illustrates a step-by-step approach that could be adopted in managing the National Digital Identity Framework throughout its entire lifecycle.

The guide is complemented by a comprehensive set of case studies from countries which have successfully set up National Digital Identity Systems using a range of different approaches, and provides a brief survey of the main technical standards available to date. More... | Dow​​nload​

ICT applications, Digital Identity10/25/2018
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