Committed to connecting the world

Value Proposition

​​​​​​​​​​​​The positive impact of ICTs on the world can be profound. To address the most pressing issues of countries and achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda, a change in mind-set is needed, away from a fragmented, piece meal approach of operating in siloes and creating one-off solutions. The trusted approach of the ICT Applications programme combines technical expertise, high-level strategy, multi-stakeholder and systems approach to innovation – allowing ITU members to fully leverage the potential of ICT for development, with focus on:​

Focus: Facilitating digital (sector) transformation at a systemic level, using ICT to reengineer existing processes to improve efficiency, usability, and cost effectiveness.

Through a comprehensive approach that grounds national vision and sector strategy in a participatory process, we facilitate the creation of appropriate digital architecture and a portfolio of client/user-centric solutions that respond to the most pressing needs.​​
Focus: Bringing relevant solutions and proven ICT applications to scale nationally.

Through raising awareness, building capacity and fostering an enabling environment, we support countries in overcomin​g the challenge of limited scope or small-scale pilots, and help implement and institutionalize large-scale projects at the national level.​​​​

Focus: Identifying and facilitating development of solutions that work and bring impact to the national context.

Through setting innovation hubs and benchmarking frameworks for innovation, we support members to influence the innovation lifecycle, steer demand and supply to foster the creation and adoption of high-impact and evidence based innovations.​​​

Focus: Supporting members to invest and deploy cross-cutting projects and cross-sector integrated digital infrastructure and platforms to maximize impact of digital investments.

Through a whole-of-government approach and a SDG Digital investment framework that identifies commonalities between different verticals – rather than the prevalent “app” or siloed approach – we foster the development of a cross-functional and interoperable digital infrastructure and platforms.​​