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Digital Identity

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Launched in 2018, the Digital Identity for Development initiative is aimed at assisting members to navigate existing practices and the process of developing a national digital identification system of their own – from context analysis, definition of strategy and roadmap, to its design, implementation, and operation.

With the expansion of the global digital economy, Digital Identity is becoming increasingly important – and even more so due to its impact on SDG target 16.9, which calls for “legal identity for all.” As public and private service providers move into the digital realm, the ability for individuals to prove who they are will be essential for accessing benefits and services via digital platforms. This move toward Digital Identity platforms can increase efficiency of service delivery, reduce transaction costs, as well as drive innovation and development.

The Digital Identity Roadmap Guide (2018) provides step-bystep guidance through existing options and considerations to successfully implement an interoperable, scalable, and cost-effective platform for national digital identification targeted to the specific needs and country context. Primary addressees for the Digital Identity Roadmap are (developing) countries that are yet to implement large scale digital identification systems at the national level.

The Digital Identity Roadmap Guide provides:

    •    An introduction into the topic and overarching principles, incl. policy and legal considerations,
         privacy and cybersecurity mechanisms, and contextual factors
    •    An elaboration of different focus areas for digital identity frameworks, derived from expert
         analyses incl. options, functional and technical requirements
    •    Critical success factors and conflicting principles
    •    ​A step-by-step guide to developing a digital identity framework in four phases
    •    Cases studies and best practices 


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