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Focus Group on "Artificial Intelligence for Health"

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The Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence for Health (FG-AI4H) is a partnership of ITU and the World Health Organization (WHO) to establish a standardized assessment framework for the evaluation of AI-based methods for health, diagnosis, triage or treatment decisions. Participation in the FG-AI4H is free and open to all. The group was established by ITU-T Study Group 16 at its meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 9-20 July 2018 and c​losed operations on 30 September 2023. Its work is grandfathered in the Global Initiative on AI for Health (GI-AI4H) launched by ITU, WHO and WIPO on 5 July 2023​ during the AI for Good Summit.

The FG scope and general process were described in a commentary in The Lancet and a white paper. The documentation of all previous meetings can be found on the collaboration site (free ITU account needed; see instructions for help). Learn more about the FG operations in the onboarding document.

Terms of reference ​                          Parent group > ITU-T Study Group 16


The 35 FG-AI4H ​deliverables follow four pillars on AI for health: (1) ethics, (2) regulations, (3) technology and (4) clinical evaluation and use cases. It also produced other outputs tailored to specific needs. Here are some of them:
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Topic Groups​

Topic groups (TGs) investigate use cases within specific health domains with corresponding AI/ML tasks. Currently there are 24 groups, three of which are starting their activities. More >

Working Groups
Working groups (WGs) consider crosscutting subject matters that affect a specific aspect of an AI health application. More >
Open Code Initiative

The Open Code Initiative worked to implement the building blocks of the FG-AI4H assessment platform as a digital public good, which will support the end-to-end assessment of AI for health algorithms under consideration of regulatory guidelines and the needs of all AI for health stakeholders.

More >OCI development site | Terms of reference

Ad-hoc Group on Digital Technologies for COVID Health Emergencies

The AHG-DT4HE reviews the role of AI (and other digital technologies) in combatting COVID-19 throughout an epidemic’s life cycle. Through this case study, we will learn how to best leverage digital technologies to successfully manage future health emergencies.

Other output documents

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Open Code Initiative (OCI)

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