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In the digital age, ICT and mobile applications have gained an important role as an enabler for development as they offer the possibility to reach everyone connected. ITU is putting a strong emphasis on strategic partnerships – joining forces with other specialized organizations on key thematic issues, in order to leverage each other’s expertise and collaboratively develop initiatives that bring real impact to people across the globe. Find out about our current key partners below, or contact to inquire about potential collaborations.

WHO | World Health Organization

Aiming to make universal access to healthcare a reality across the globe – ITU and WHO’s longstanding partnership on Digital Health! MOR​e...

FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization

​Bringing the benefits of mobile and ICT applications to the agricultural sector, food security and rural development – with FAO and ITU. MORE... ​



How technology and mobile learning solutions can bring inclusive and equitable education to all – ITU–UNESCO collaboration on smart learning! MORE...​ 


Find out about other collaborators and partners ITU is involved with, leveraging ICT applications for sustainable development!​