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ITU-D Study Groups Question 3/1: The use of telecommunications/ICTs for disaster risk reduction and management

​​This study question gives the opportunity to all Member States and Sector Members to contribute through interactive discussions to elaborate a report which focuses on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for disaster response and recovery.

The previous studies have been able to establish a baseline of information about country experiences, plans, tools, stakeholders and policies for disaster preparedness, mitigation and risk reduction, with guidelines for drills and exercises, policy guidelines, technologies related to disaster communications, etc. It will be possible for countries to incorporate these in their National Emergency Telecommunication Plans (NETP) so as to utilize the knowledge gained by exchange of information and best practices amongst the various countries. Based on this, the focus of the study question for the year 2022-2025 will be on disaster response and recovery, as telecommunications/ICTs can help in ensuring effective response and in recovery from the disasters.

Additionally, throughout the study period, Question 3/1 welcomes contributions on new technologies, systems and applications for disaster communications and management for mitigation, preparedness, risk reduction, response and recovery, as well as considerations to support implementation. The focus will be on both technology examples and deployment case studies of new and emerging systems and applications for disaster communications and response.

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Final Report on Question 5/2 for study period 2018-2021


​This report contains some essential information to help countries and regions be prepared for all stages of a disaster – before, during and after the event – through the use of telecommunications/ICTs. It includes detailed guidelines based on real-life case studies of members worldwide, whose experiences and lessons learned can help save millions of lives.

This report is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Download your free copy now!

Final Report on Question 5/2 for study period 2014-2017

This report focuses on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for disaster communications management, approaches and systems available to increase redundancy and resiliency of ICTs. It provides a review and analysis of a range of technology and policy case studies presented by Administrations and organizations regarding implementation of ICTs during all disaster phases. An Emergency Communications Checklist, outlining the types of activities and expected decision points that could be considered for inclusion in a National Disaster Communications Plan, is also provided. The Report is available in ​Arabic(pdf), Chinese (pdf), English (pdf), French (pdf), Russian (pdf), and Spanish (pdf).