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5th ITU-ALERT cyberdrill for Africa Region, 1-5 October 2018, Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organized the Fifth ITU-ALERT - Applied learning for Emergency Response Teams (ALERT) international cyber drill for Africa Region, from 1st – 5th October 2018 that was held at Afrikland hotel, Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast, at the kind invitation of Ministère de l’Economie Numérique et des Postes  and Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications/TIC de Côte d'Ivoire.

This event was organized by the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and hosted by Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications/TIC de Côte d'Ivoire
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The third day was dedicated to a conference whichwas an open forum for ICT professionals and decision makers in government, industry, academia and NGOs to discuss their ideas for improving cybersecurity and resiliency for security in African regions. The conference topics of interest include but not limited to: incident response, Forensic and Malware Analysis, Threat Intelligence, Internet Resilience, Internet Security Policies…

The two last days were dedicated to the cyber drill exercises structured around various scenarios involving the most common types of cyberattacks while the sharing sessions provides a platform for cooperation and discussions on cybersecurity. 

In line with the collaboration between ITU and FIRST, FIRST was pleased to support applications for FIRST membership from participants of ITU cyber drill exercises. 

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The purpose of the symposium was to provide an appropriate platform for senior ICT and cyber security officials from the Africa region to discuss, formulate strategic directions and plans to tackle emerging threats to the global and regional Security sector  and the purpose of the cyberdrill was to enhance the communication and incident response capabilities of the participating teams as well as to ensure a continued collective effort in mitigating cyber threats among the Region’s national Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRTs).  

















The cyberdrill exercise was structured around various scenarios involving the most common types of cyberattacks while the sharing sessions provides a platform for cooperation and discussions on cybersecurity.




Building threat Intel pipelines Course level: Intermediate (1st & 2nd October 2018)

1. Participants should be familiar with the operational aspects of CSIRTs/SOCs, including incident handling, analysis and mitigation. In particular, a good understanding of IoCs and other types of information used for network defense is crucial.

2. The hands-on part will require a laptop with a recent version of VirtualBox ( and capable of running a VM with 4G of RAM and 20G disk. Alternatively, participants will be able to use their own Linux systems directly, as long as they have docker and docker-compose installed.

The course covers the design of processes to effectively handle variety of information useful for security operations. Participants will learn how to select sources of information and how to process it to obtain actionable conclusions. Issues related to the evaluation, collection, analysis and exchange of information will be explained. The training includes a hands-on practical part, which will introduce several open source tools for handling threat intelligence and incident-related data.


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