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World Telecommunication Development Conference 2014


In-conference documents publication and distribution

The following preparatory documents will be published:

In compliance with Council Resolution 1141 and PP-10 Resolution 154, work of WTDC-14 will be conducted in as a paperless manner as possible.

Documents will be available on the WTDC-14 website at:

A TIES registered user account is necessary to access the documents.

Participants not having a TIES account will be able to use a temporary one. For this purpose, registered participants will receive by e-mail a generic TIES user name and password, which will be valid until 30 June 2014.Each participant is encouraged to upload a sync application that will automatically synchronize with the ITU FTP document server. It will allow to have at hand at any time all published documents of the Conference in the six official ITU languages.

This synchronization software can be downloaded from the website, under the menu "Sync Application", when the conference starts.

In addition, a local document server will be setup and allow immediate access to all published documents.

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops. For those with no laptop, a cybercafé will be available to download and print documents, as required, on a self-service basis.

Each delegation and participating entity will receive up to two sets of printed documents on demand.

The Document Distribution Service will be situated in the main Hall. This service will provide pigeonholes for delegations and observers, which will be reserved for official documentation only. The Distribution service, will distribute two copies per delegation/representation of each official document.

A special designated area, close to the pigeonholes will be reserved for the distribution of conference-related documentation, i.e. materials relevant to the Conference agenda and objectives (e.g. telecommunication information pamphlets, books, magazines, other printed and/or electronic materials). This area will be accessible to all participants on a self-service basis and will be supervised by the Secretariat. An authorization is required to distribute materials in this area. Materials distributed without authorization will be removed by the Secretariat. Authorization can be obtained by contacting the Conference Document Control and Management service at