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World Telecommunication Development Conference 2014


Processing of contributions


Owing to the limited duration of WTDC-14 and the time constraints imposed by the need for translation into six languages, Member States and Sector Members are requested to submit any contributions preferably by 10 February 2014.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the timely translation and thorough consideration by Delegations of documents submitted to WTDC-14, in accordance with Resolution 165 (Guadalajara, 2010), Member States and Sector Members are to submit their contributions no later than fourteen calendar days before the opening of the Conference, i.e. by 15 March 2014. Member States and Sector Members are urged to give careful attention to the initial preparation of contributions so as to avoid revisions to documents.

Processing of contributions prior to the Conference

In order to consolidate the various contributions submitted in a way that lends itself to the elaboration of a solid, cohesive and powerful package consisting of inter-related and mutually reinforcing components, a template has been developed and can be found at

In addition to providing a common approach to submit contributions, the template will also provide a fast-track to the processing of the input documents byreducing the reformatting of the contributions. Contributions not submitted on this template may therefore result in delays in their processing and posting.

In accordance with N°. 42 of the General Rules of Conferences, Assemblies and Meetings of the Union, contributions containing more than one proposal should be submitted with a number to identify each proposal along with the topic of the proposal. The secretariat will annotate each proposal with index numbers composed as follows:


where ABC is the symbol of the country that is the author of the proposal, 25 is the number of the document in which the proposal will be published and 3 is the serial number of the proposal within that document. The three-letter code and document number will be included by the Secretariat. However, the numbering of each proposal will be assigned by the online system when submitting each proposal.

On the basis of the contributions received by the deadline, BDT will allocate the documents based on the topics identified by the submitting administration in order to facilitate the discussions at WTDC-14.

Processing of contributions during the Conference

Owing to the limited duration of the Conference, substantive debate should take precedence over the systematic presentation of individual proposals. For ease of referencing during the discussions, the secretariat will prepare a temporary document listing all the contributions with cross-references to the different items on the agenda. Member States are strongly encouraged not to submit new contributions during the Conference.

Length limit for the submission of contributions

A contribution should not exceed five (5) pages, and should be submitted to the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau.

In the case of a more detailed contribution that significantly exceeds the length limit, an executive summary should be submitted. Only the executive summary will be translated if submitted within the time limit. The detailed version of the contribution will only be available online and in the original language.