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World Telecommunication Development Conference 2014


Draft Agenda

Agenda of WTDC-14

I. Report on the activities of ITU-D

1. Implementation of Hyderabad Action Plan

2. TDAG activities

3. Study Groups activities

4. World Summit on the Information Society

5. Connect the World Summit

6. Strengthening the regional presence

II. Policy and Strategy

1. Report on the state of telecommunication/ICT developments

2. Outcome of PP-10 relevant to the work of the ITU-D Sector

3. Outcome of other ITU major conferences and meetings relevant to ICT/ telecommunication development (WRC-12, WCIT-12, RA-12, WTSA-12, WTPF-13 and WSIS fora)

4. Outcome of the 2013 Regional Preparatory Meetings

5. ITU-D contribution to the Strategic Plan of the Union

6. WTDC-14 Declaration

III. ITU-D Action Plan

1. Cooperation among members

a. Study Groups

i. Study Questions

ii. Structure and working methods

b. Telecommunication Development Advisory Group

i. Structure and working methods

ii. Authorization for the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group to act between world telecommunication development conferences (Resolution 24, Rev. Hyderabad 2010)

2. BDT Work Programme

a. Policy and Regulatory issues

b. Technical and Operational issues

3. Regional initiatives and projects

a. Regional priorities

b. Financing and partnership for ICT development

c. Role of the private sector