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World Telecommunication Development Conference 2014


Social Events

Member States and other Conference participants intending to host social events during the Conference are reminded that the ITU Protocol Service maintains and monitors a calendar of such events.

During the Conference, the ITU Protocol Service will be located in the main Hall.

The main purpose of maintaining this calendar of events is to inform Member States and other Conference participants planning to hold social events of possible scheduling conflicts. The Protocol Service will seek to assist, to the extent possible, in identifying alternative times and date. It is, therefore, strongly advised that organizers of social events first liaise and coordinate with the Protocol Service before proceeding with final arrangements for the date and time of a proposed social event. The Protocol Service serves solely as a go-between to suggest possible slots based on its updated list of events and provides information on overlaps.

The ITU Protocol Service ensures that distribution of invitations is done properly. The Conference Department will place such invitations in the pigeonholes of participants. It is recommended that organizers properly label their invitation envelopes. Except for these services, the ITU shall not take responsibility for logistical or other arrangements of social events. These are strictly the responsibility of the organizer of each event.

Please note that invitation cards and other materials distributed during the Conference for social events should not bear any ITU logo or any conspicuous reference and signs that may suggest or even infer ITU's endorsement of the event.

It is reminded that the list of social events maintained by the Protocol Service is an internal confidential working document and is not meant for general distribution.

For all matters regarding social events during the Conference, please send all inquiries or telephone +41 22 730 59 27, Fax +41 22 730 58 17.

In order to register for a social event, please fill in the Social Event Request Form and return to the ITU Protocol Service. Please note that information contained in this form is for coordination and protocol purposes only. The online form is accessible at