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The overall theme of the GSR-21 Consultation is “Regulatory uplift for financing digital infrastructure, access and use”. Digital markets are driven by accelerating technological development and digital transformation that are driving massive change across the board. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the evolution of existing policy and regulatory frameworks to more holistic, future-ready agendas for digital regulation. 

This year's topics are:

Inducing new, effective and agile financing mechanisms to digital infrastructure, access and use
Prototyping regulatory patterns for the post-Covid digital world 
Transformational leadership to unleash the power of emerging technologies and business models 

Please kindly refer to the Consultation letter below for details on how to submit your contribution.​​



Contributions from Regulators: 

 Contributions from regional and international organizations:

​​Contributions from civil society and the private sector:

Key documents

GSR-21 Best Practice Guidelines
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Summary mapping of contributions by topic​​

📩 Consultation letter
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