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IRG-IBB - Integrated Broadcast-Broadband (IBB)

​​​​​​​IRG-IBB studies topics related to Integrated Broadcast-Broadband (IBB) systems. An IBB system is based on the combination of the technologies of both broadband and various broadcasting including over-the-air and cable. Various multiple devices are used for effective presentation of content and user interactivity. Wide range of services are enabled by the IBB system.

IRG-IBB aims at developing Recommendations, and other non-normative materials. The IRG will also look at contributing to the coordination of the standardization work of the involved ITU-T and ITU-R groups. It also intends to emphasize remote participation and co-located meetings (e.g., with a study group meeting, interim rapporteur meeting).

* (updated on 30/10/2017)